Working From Home With a Crazy Pet

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It’s been over a year since the Coronavirus first began its deadly spread around the world forcing the majority of people to stay at home and isolate more than ever before.  And with all of the efforts to get people to stay home, many companies and employees have transitioned to working online from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Practically anyone who could work remotely did and even though the spread of the virus is slowing down, many people are still working from home either by choice or necessity. 

Working from home certainly has many advantages, you don’t have to pack or buy lunch, your normal breaks at the office can become quick naps in your own bed, and you can wear sweatpants with any button down. Another added benefit is the commute time! Working from home means you’re no longer stuck in traffic and you can wake up later. Despite all of these benefits of working from home it does have its drawbacks. Two of which are kids and pets. While it can be super fun to get to spend more time with your kids and pets and you are potentially saving money on sitters, they do make focusing on work a little more challenging. When you were at your office you never had to deal with little ones asking you for snacks or pets sitting on your lap/barking. 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the constant bombarded by pawing pets then we have a possible solution for you! Some pets can keep calm on their own, while others might need a little assistance with getting ~zen~. When our friends need help getting zen we like to use various pet CBD products. These products offer a multitude of benefits far beyond just helping to keep your pet calm and relaxed. They also help with anxiety, mobility and joint support, as well as appetite support.  

For pets that need just a little bit of help keeping calm we would recommend using a product like Zen Frenz Bacon and Beef Bites. The product itself is extremely palatable soft chews and each has 4 MG of non-psychoactive CBD derived from hemp plants. Additionally, these Zen Bites tend to be favored by dogs while some cats prefer other forms of CBD. 

For pets who aren’t fans of the bacon and beef flavor there are also peanut butter and honey flavored calming chews, these are sometimes better liked by cats and dogs who aren’t as big of fans of meat flavors. 

Finally, for pets who are very picky about what they eat or pets that need more help with getting zen there are a variety of pet CBD oils. These oils are flavourless and odorless making them very palatable to picky pets. The pets can drink the oil straight from the dropper or the drops can be sprinkled on top of regular food or treats. Zen Frenz offers two strengths of pet CBD oil either 250 MG or 500 MG, the only difference between the products is the 500 MG is twice as concentrated. 

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