How To Get the “Paw”-fect Instagram

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If you have a pet Instagram or have ever tried to get an instagram quality picture of your pet, you are probably familiar with how challenging it can be to get the perfect shot. While some pets are just inherently more cut out for the model life, most are not. But we have learned a couple tricks to increase your chances of getting the “the one.”

  1. Minimize distractions

    1. This is single handedly the best piece of advice that we could give you on photographing your pet. You need to pick a calm and essentially boring time/place to get your content. Pets, especially dogs, are extremely distraction prone and even the smallest of distractions have the potential to ruin your photoshoot. Distractions could range from other dogs to squirrels to loud noises or random movements. Taking pictures of your dog in crowded public places is often impossible. We recommend taking pictures on a quiet empty street or in the comfort of your own home where you have more control over the environment. 

  2. Sleepy pets move the least

    1. While sleeping pictures may not be your first choice, they are by far the easiest to get. The main challenges with pet pictures is making sure the pictures aren’t blurry and your pet is looking the right way. While they are sleeping they aren’t moving much so you can get non-blurry pictures and you can easily move your camera to get any photo composition that you want. 

  3. Use props

    1. An easy way to spice up your pictures is to get creative with props or pet accessories. You could try using different outfits/costumes such as shirts or sweaters or shoes, maybe even turn it into an #OOTD (outfit of the day). Pet accessories can also be fun, our favorites are fun dog toys shaped like beers, White Claws, ice cream, avocados, etc. Another fun picture is to put a sleeping mask on your dog while they sleep! So easy and so cute! 

  4. Try pet CBD!

    1. If you really want pictures of your pet but you can’t get them to keep still long enough to snap a picture, pet CBD could be your new best friend. Pet CBD helps to keep your pets calm and ~zen~ with common calming ingredients such as CBD, MCT oil, camomile and oatmeal. A few of our favorites are the Zen Frenz CBD drops, CBD peanut butter, and the Bacon and Beef Zen Bites

  5. Use treats

    1. Holding a couple treats near your phone or camera can help grab your pets attention and get them to focus on you and your phone instead of other random distractions. 

  6. Ask friends or family members for help 

    1. It can also sometimes be helpful to enlist the help of a friend or family member and let them hold the treats and position your pet. While they’re focused on keeping the pet in a certain position or looking a certain direction, you are able to focus your attention on getting the best angles, lighting, and overall photo composition. 

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