Why Zen Frenz?

Zen Frenz is an independent small business within the pet space.

With no corporate backing or  support within the industry our community of passionate pet owners have carved out our stake  and claim within the pet industry with no hand outs. We are young pet owners and aspiring  entrepreneurs founded by college students out of the UCLA accelerator. 

To this day we connect on an individualized and personalized relationship level with every Day  1 supporter we’ve bonded with over Instagram, online shoppers who have ordered products,  fellow independent pet small business owners around the country, and local pet owners we  meet at our weekend markets in the New York and Los Angeles communities from Artists &  Fleas and Melrose Trading Post.  

What is our brand mission?

Zen Frenz aims to be the future of pet wellness.  

This means we seek to be on the forefront of a society of pet owners who have grown open to  utilizing natural and holistic product ingredient methods like CBD to improve the health of their  pets.  

We are dedicated to building a passionate community of pet owners.  

This is a never ending journey for Zen Frenz in that the #1 We all have in common within our  community is that not only do we have pets, but we are 100% obsessed with them and build  our lives around them. Being pet obsessed is a lifestyle for us and part of our identity .. if you  have made a social media account for your pet and share daily about them with your Frenz ..  you probably feel the same! 

Who strive to bring themselves and their Frenz the best lives possible.  

Health and wellness is a staple of Zen Frenz identity. In order for us pet owners and our pets to  live healthy and happy lives we must take care of our mind, bodies and spirits. This requires  consumption of natural foods and supplements daily, avoiding processed ingredients,  adequate weekly exercise and play, mental stimulation from learning and finding a purpose,  and meditation and rest to keep our spirits at ease. For those pet owners out there who strive  to lead this lifestyle we expect them to nurture the same habits into their pet to protect their  longevity! 

Our Pawducts!  

Being the fact that Zen Frenz is a leader in providing All-Natural wellness products for pets  there are several key factors of product sourcing that are of critical importance for us as a  company. When it comes to achieving pet wellness in the categories of Calming, Mobility,  Immunity and Skin & Coat, Zen Frenz seeks to solely achieve these through natural ingredients  for a holistic approach.  

This is contrary to pharmaceutical un-natural drugs like Prozac, Trazodone, antihistamines like  Benadryl, and Xanax which we don’t support for pets. Humans have grown their knowledge  into the negative side effects, dependency and withdrawal symptoms that these  pharmaceuticals can cause and we don’t wish the same for our pets. Not only is CBD 100% 

natural plant derived from Hemp, but this is 100% non-psychoactive and creates no harmful  loopy, sedative or drowsy effects that these alternate pharmaceuticals can cause from both  humans and pets.  

Additional natural ingredients we source for our products include Organic Hemp Seed Oil to  boost pets immune system with healthy omega 3-6 fatty acids to improve skin & coat,  shedding, and itching. Organic Valerian Root, Chamomile, and Passion Flower, all-natural  calming amino acids for those pet owners opposed to trying CBD. As well as MCT Oil a healthy  fat derived from coconut to increase palatability for all of our liquid consumable Zen Drops  products that help absorb the fast acting effects of CBD for our pets while blending a most  unique formula that is tasteless and scentless to accommodate palatability for our products. If  a pet won’t consume our Drops, Chews, or Peanut Butter, this is a failed product and we are  100% aware of this. Palatability is essential to our products.  

Pet owners should expect a subtle “zen” calming effect from our products without a pet that  has been sedated and asleep without consciousness from unnatural methods. We can thank  our leading partnered CBD supplier GVB Biopharma and their USDA Organic, FDA Registered,  NSF, and GMP Certified facilities for quality extraction methods to ensure your pet is getting  the top notch CBD from the state of Oregon, 100% Made in the USA.  

For all products we release these are sent to leading independent 3rd party lab facilities  such as Encore Labs, to quality batch test and decipher the CBD content and potency for each  product. As a consumer you can be guaranteed you are getting as much if not more CBD than  you are paying for per product, and rest assured our products are not Cannabis products, and  are 100% Hemp products with 0% THC to avoid any concern of a high risk for your pet. We  want to draw that line in the sand, that although CBD is associated with Cannabis this in fact is  not the case and pet owners must educate themselves to understand this distinction. Our  federal government recognized this in 2018 under the Farm Bill thus legalizing the production  and distribution of all Hemp-Derived CBD products that contained 0% THC, the active  Cannabinoid found in Cannabis that creates a psychoactive high effect. We follow federal  guidelines and appreciate this reality and distinction.  

Zen Frenz and Affordability  

Affordability is a major factor for Zen Frenz. Being created and founded by fellow younger pet  owners we understand not all can afford the costs associated with raising a healthy dog or cat,  but acknowledge all pets should have a home and the love and care they deserve. Let’s be  honest, vet bills are absurd and a major deterrent for younger pet owners being able to afford  the care their pet needs when it comes to wellness. Not to mention many supplements  prescribed to pet owners are unnatural pharmaceuticals similar to the ones mentioned above  to reduce instances such as pet anxiety one's pet may experience. In combination to this  the pet supplement market is a wide drawn out market and prices can skyrocket if you are not  careful to understand the value of a product and the ingredients you are seeking to assist  with wellness for your pet. From the millions of pet owners that have attested to the astounding  wellness capabilities of CBD their pet can benefit from including serious cases such as:  seizures, epilepsy, arthritis, and pain management: general wellness categories such as:  calming, anxiety relief, mobility support, appetite support… our products start off at $25 for a  reason. CBD is not a cheap supplement to source to begin with and as a pet owner this is why  you see similar products on the market for over $100 a product. However there is greed behind  that from these companies making too much profit on your purchase. Our products begin at  $25 if you’re a first time user seeking to explore the wellness benefits CBD can provide for your  pet, and don’t exceed $59 for a Zen Drops 500mg CBD formula that could be used as a 4  month supply daily wellness regimen. If your pet could benefit from wellness categories such 

as reducing anxiety, general calming, mobility support, pain management, and appetite support  for a product that is between $25-$59 and you can save over $3000 from a walk in vet visit…  This is an all-natural affordable alternative solution we stand behind! For all products we offer  you are receiving the highest quality sourced natural ingredients, that are independently tested,  at a price you can afford to keep your pet healthy and happy, and that is something we take  deep pride in! For the on-the-go pet owning lives we lead in modern times as well we take  pride in the convenience of online shipping and discounted subscription services that deliver products directly to your door with no hassle. 


We are dedicated to building a passionate community of pet owners who strive to bring themselves and their frenz the best lives pawssible!