Your Guide to Getting Pet Social Media Collabs

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If your pet has an Instagram or you follow a lot of pet accounts you have probably been exposed to a few pet ambassadors. Pet ambassadors are the influencers of the pet world. They have partnerships with various brands and products and are compensated for their partnership in a variety of ways. Some brands will offer their ambassadors samples or full size versions of their products, coupon codes, and or discount codes to be distributed to their friends and followers. While some pets/owners don’t have any desire to work with any brands or turn their Instagram into a plethora of sponsorships, some pets have found the experience to be lucrative and worthwhile. 

If you and your pet(s) are interested in getting started in a career in pet sponsorships we have a few helpful hints to help you get started

  1. You will (probably) need a minimum of around 1,000 Instagram followers 

It is possible to collaborate with brands when you have fewer followers but hitting 1,000 followers will definitely increase your odds depending on the brands you are trying to work with. Also the more followers you have, the more attractive your page is to businesses. They want to work with accounts who will increase their exposure, so if you don’t have many followers it’s difficult to justify a partnership. 

  1. Your photos need to be quality

No, you don’t need to be taking magazine quality or award winning photos, but  blurry, dark pictures just won’t cut it. Your pictures should be high resolution, not blurry and bright. One tip is that if you have some pictures that you like but aren’t perfect, you can try editing them on Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, or a plethora of other editing apps/software. Many brands that work with you might want some product pictures in return, if you can’t show that you are able to get good quality pictures your account might not be worthwhile to work with. 

  1. Check your requested DM’s on Instagram

If you don’t already check your requested DM’s regularly you might be surprised how many accounts reach out that you didn’t even know were there. We know from personal experience that it’s easy to miss a couple opportunities to collaborate with companies because we didn’t see their DM for weeks. The flip side to this is that if you reach out to companies to work with they might not see your DM immediately or at all. One way to get their attention is to comment on their most recent photos after you DM’d them, you can even tag the account in your comment for an even higher chance that they see your message.  

  1. Follow through on your commitments

If you do secure a brand partnership make sure to do everything that they ask you to. If you don’t seem reliable to work with then there's a strong chance they won’t ask you to collaborate again. Following through on your end of the agreement can lead to more collaborations with them later on.

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