Pet CBD Drops

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New to the world of pet CBD products? Curious if your pet would benefit from them? Have you seen pet CBD drops and wondered what they are used for or do? We are hoping to answer all of these questions and more for you, keep reading!

What are pet CBD drops?

    Pet CBD drops are a liquid form of CBD and CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol. Before preceding, you should know that CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore can not get you or your pet high. Pet CBD drops are a pet wellness supplement that many pet owners have started giving their pets for a variety of reasons. Also, the drops are used by both cat and dog owners! Most frequently pet CBD drops are used for appetite support, anxiety, and joint/mobility support. Some people love using the drops specifically over other forms of CBD because of their versatility. They can be ingested directly from the dropper or they can be sprinkled on food, water, or other treats. Additionally, some of the drops are flavorless and odorless which can be helpful if you have a particularly picky pet. 

When to use pet CBD drops:

  1. Leaving pets home alone 

    1. Let's imagine that your friend texts you to go out to dinner, but before you can get too excited you remember that you live alone and your pets go crazy and tear up the house anytime you leave them at home unattended for too long. On one hand you know you deserve a fun night out but on the other hand you have to decide if going out is worth the anxiety it causes your pets and the clean up that inevitably comes with it. If you think at this point you're tough out of luck, don’t worry, we have another solution for you: Pet CBD. The CBD and MCT oil help to keep your pets calm and relaxed, no matter the situation they might find themselves in. Try sprinkling some CBD drops on your pets dinner before you leave.

  2. Picky eaters

    1. Does your pet struggle to eat their food? Are they nauseous from medications, surgery, or other causes? As a pet owner it can be very difficult to see your pet struggling to eat, you want what's best for them and they obviously need to eat to survive. Using CBD drops in their water or on food or treats can help stimulate their appetite and reduce nausea. 

  3. Flying on an airplane/traveling 

    1. Here is another stressful situation for pets, airports are full of new people, noises and smells which can be very overwhelming and overall anxiety inducing. This is another situation where pet CBD can be extremely useful in making the travel process easier for both you and your pet. In this situation we recommend using pet CBD drops on your pets food in the morning or evening before going to the airport, potentially followed up by more drops or Zen Bites on the airplane depending on the length of your travel day. 

  4. Visits to the vet

It’s no secret that pets (and kids) find themselves getting especially anxious when the words “doctor,” “vet,” “shot,” or “check-up” are mentioned. Going to the vet’s/doctor's office can be a very daunting task for many humans and animals and it’s hard to blame them. To help alleviate some of the stress we recommend using pet CBD products

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