Can CBD Help Pets?

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Over the past couple of years the amount of cannabis and cannabis related products have grown considerably in popularity and legality. With the rise of cannabis and weed, CBD products have also become very popular and widely used, but they are still on the come up. For those who are not familiar with CBD, CBD stands for cannabidiol and can be derived from hemp or cannabis plants. Next, it is very important to note that  CBD does not get you high. You will NEVER feel any sort of high from using any product that is strictly CBD or hemp seed oil. They are both non-psychoactive and non-drowsy. While they have many benefits, getting high is not one of them. The compound found in weed that makes you feel high is  delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. 

CBD can definitely help pets and there are countless testimonies and many studies that will further prove that. Here are a few ways that CBD can help pets!

  1. CBD Oil and Anxiety

If you own a pet or spend time around pets you probably know that pets can undergo either behavioral or situational anxiety. Most common is situational anxiety, especially during fireworks, when traveling or during halloween where people are all out in “scary” costumes. CBD oil has been shown to be extremely effective in relieving stress and anxiety due to its soothing and calming effects.

  1. CBD Oil and its effects on Cancer

Green Flower Botanicals says, “Research shows that CBD and other compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plants can be effective in reducing the spread of tumors. For instance, studies show that CBD is able to stop the growth and invasion of cancer cells as well as increase the death rate of cancerous cells without affecting the healthy ones. CBD has various mechanisms of killing cancerous cells. 

  1. CBD and seizures/epilepsy

Did you know that about 5 percent of dogs suffer from some sort of seizures? Pet seizures are normally treated using over the counter drugs like potassium bromide and phenobarbital. While those drugs might work in controlling seizures for pets, the downside is they also pose a threat to their organs. Additionally, these medicines do not work on all pets. Green Flower Botanicals says,  “In humans, CBD has been shown to work greatly in controlling epileptic episodes even in patients that are resistant to normal medication. In one of these investigations, seven out of eight subjects with epilepsy reported a definite improvement after using CBD for 4-5 months. In another study focusing on children with drug-resistant epilepsy, the researchers found that CBD reduced the frequency of seizures in 84% of the subjects. Just like humans, CBD can also help your furry friends by reducing the severity and frequency of seizures.”

  1. CBD helps boosts appetite

If your pet struggles to eat and have an appetite, CBD may also be able to help.  In fact, the National Cancer Institute acknowledges that CBD is able to improve appetite in patients in addition to its many anti-cancer effects mentioned above. 

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