Five Different Ways to Get ~Zen~

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Whether we like to admit it or not, almost everyone feels stress in their everyday lives. While it may be easy to ignore, pretending the stress isn’t there can result in a multitude of issues. By accepting the value of eliminating stress from our lives, we can become far more ~zen~ and lead happier and healthier lives. If you are looking to take some steps to relieve stress in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some helpful tips we’ve found useful in leading a zen lifestyle.

  1. Get outside/go on a walk

No matter how much you like the outdoors or going on walks, we promise that a little fresh air will help to rejuvenate you even more than you expect. Sunlight and fresh air have proven positive effects on the way we think and how our bodies work. Taking a walk can be a great opportunity to connect with your community and the work around you. These outdoor excursions can also focus as a great environment to think over your stressors with a more calm and collected perspective.

  1. Meditate 

Meditation has been a relaxation tool throughout history. Anyone can do it and it can be performed almost anywhere. There are many different resources available online that talk about meditation and breath control. Additionally, many frequent mediators will die by their practice, claiming it to be an incredible source of relaxation and mental clarity.

  1. Workout 

    1. While the concept of working out may seem scary, we promise there is an ideal workout for everyone. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, shred fat, get in better shape, or just increase your daily activity, there are tons of workouts available and free tutorials online. Working out has immense positive effects on both mental and physical health, so we really recommend trying it out.

    2. With the recent pandemic, lots of people have seen their workout routines disrupted. This is certainly tough, but we encourage you to think outside the box as we weather the storm together. Working out at home or going on runs can both serve as great pandemic alternatives to the gym. Additionally, no commute!

  2. Call a family member or friend

    1. We all have people in our lives that would love to hear from us, and sometimes we need to hear from someone too. Calling a friend or a loved one can be a great way to destress. Every relationship is different, so feel free to mix up who you call. It is always nice to be reminded of the people in our lives, and a great conversation will help to leave you feeling appreciated and peaceful.

  3. Get a massage or have a loved one/good friend help

    1. It may sound funny, but a relaxing massage, or trip to the spa, can leave you feeling transformed. We don’t often realize how much of our stress is physically carried in our bodies. This stress can build and lead to persistent aches and pains, which further stress us out! If you are uncomfortable going to a professional, or just don’t want to pay, consider asking a loved one or good friend to take a second to help you relax. Even if they might not be a pro, we promise a great massage will work wonders.

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