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You might be familiar with some of the CBD products on the market and you might even know of a couple of CBD products for pets, but did you know you can get CBD peanut butter for your pets? Zen Frenz now offers a CBD peanut butter on their website and pets have been loving it, primarily the pups! So far we have not seen any other companies offering a pet CBD peanut butter but it is truly a revolutionary product. One super important thing to note is that the product only has two ingredients: dry roasted peanuts and CBD oil. As pet owners, we know how important it is to know exactly what we are giving our pets and the ingredients that make up their food. Also, the Zen Frenz Peanut Butter is 16 oz, a great size for a price of only $30. 

What are the potential benefits of CBD?

Pet CBD products can help with stress/anxiety relief, balanced behavior support, mobility/joint support, anti-itching support and appetite support! 

Now you might be wondering when it would be a good time to use CBD peanut butter, so we have included our favorite times to use it!

  1. Home Alone

    1. While it would be great if we could bring our pets with us everywhere, virtually every pet owner has to leave their pet at home periodically, whether that be to go to the grocery store, the gym, out to dinner, etc. And leaving pets at home can be challenging for a few reasons. One reason is that our pets will miss us and it can be hard to shut the door on a whimpering dog. Another issue is that many dogs decide to destroy the house while their owners are away. But did you know that your dog ripping up furniture and carrying toilet paper through the house can actually be a sign of separation anxiety? If your dog only destroys the house while you are gone, that is a good indicator that they are experiencing separation anxiety, not that they just thought it would be fun to eat couch cushions. A great way to help with separation anxiety is pet CBD! Additionally, the peanut butter is great to put on licking toys where your dog(s) work at getting all of the peanut butter out. While your pup is preoccupied by the toy you can quietly leave, and while they are eating the peanut butter they will gradually start feeling the calming effects of CBD. 

  2. Taking medication

    1. Most pets do not enjoy taking medications, they can taste gross and leave pets feeling less than their best. Fortunately, the CBD peanut butter can help disguise medications as a yummy snack! Many medications can induce nausea and/or cause pets to lose their appetite, but CBD peanut butter can help by reducing nausea and stimulating appetite. 

  3. Extra Boost of CBD

    1. If your pet needs a little more help getting ~zen~ it’s a fun idea to try putting a little peanut butter on top of their food or even on a bacon and beef Zen Bite. Dogs seem to love the flavors and pet parents love the calming effect! 

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