CBD For Pets: A Must-Have For The Busy Pet Owner

The end of the holiday season marks our return into our busy everyday lives. Whether you’re a parent, a student, or someone working a full-time job–the daily needs of our pets can often interfere with the busy schedules we set for ourselves. While using CBD in your daily routine with your pet can seem daunting, especially for first time users, the benefits of CBD for your pet’s mental and physical wellbeing can alleviate many of the daily stresses in our routines. Before beginning to use CBD in your daily routine, we recommend reading our latest article regarding the science behind the production and use of CBD for pets. 

For the busy pet owner, incorporating CBD into your daily routine can become an extremely cost efficient and time-saving tool in managing your pet’s various needs. In particular, CBD can be ideal for parents and other owners whose daily schedules require them to be away from their pets for long periods of time. For many pets, being left alone at home or being away from their owner for prolonged periods can increase stress and anxiety levels which encourages ‘bad’ behavior. A common experience for the busy pet owner is coming home to their chewed up belongings or things broken from their pet’s running around. While it seems obvious to blame these behaviors on our pets being attention deprived, these behaviors are actually an indicator of mental and physical discomfort caused by their increased stress levels. 

There are various remedies to this issue such as finding a pet-sitter, pet daycares, medical supplements, or even using cages or other means to restrict your pet’s movements. However, these remedies are often costly, difficult to manage, or may even be harmful to your pet. Here at Zen Frenz, we believe that CBD has the unique ability of addressing the root causes our pets behavioral issues. 

How can CBD do that? 

Firstly, CBD is derived from hemp plants which contain compounds that affect the body by binding to receptors that are responsible for maintaining the body's homeostasis. CBD compounds bind with receptors that regulate various functions, such as sleep, appetite, and immunity. Unlike other alternatives which simply stop ‘bad’ behavior, CBD produces a variety of effects which address the causes of stress and anxiety in our pets at the root of their behavioral issues. In particular, our CBD products for pets produce various beneficial effects such as: stress and anxiety relief, balanced behavior support, anti-inflammatory support, appetite support, mobility & joint support, allergy support, immune system support, skin & fur protection, and anti-itching support. These various effects work together to promote homeostasis in our pets which prevent increased levels of discomfort and anxiety when they are left alone or placed into a stressful environment. 

Here at Zen Frenz, we believe that the first step in solving our pets behavioral problems begins with caring for the mental and physical wellbeing of our pets. Our products are aimed at solving these problems at the root–that being our pets' stress and anxiety. For the busy pet owner, we recommend trying our CBD products to help improve your daily routine with your pets. If your pet is a fan of savory treats, try our Zen Bites for a handful of CBD benefits along with a delicious bacon & beef taste. If your pet isn’t a fan of treats, we also offer Zen Drops for easy administration and no added flavor. And if you want to go a step further, we also offer a combination of a Pet Lick Mat and Zen Butter for all the great benefits of CBD with an added stimulatory activity to redirect your pet's anxious behaviors! Visit our website for our other CBD for pet products and more information about using CBD for your pet’s wellness.

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