National Pet Month - What Is It and How Can I Celebrate?

National Pet Month is an annual celebration that takes place in the United States every May. This month-long event is all about showing love for our furry frenz and recognizing their significance in our lives. So, grab your pet and let's dive into the significance of National Pet Month!

The History Behind National Pet Month

This was first established in 2006 by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). The purpose was to recognize the special bond between humans and pets and promote responsible pet ownership. Since then, it has grown into a nationwide celebration that unites pet lovers.

Why is this Significant?

National Pet Month is important because it encourages people to think about how pets improve our lives. Whether it be serving our country, being available as a service animal, or simply serving as a friend, pets have benefited us in so many different ways and this is our chance to show appreciation to our furry frenz.

How can I celebrate?

There are many ways to celebrate National Pet Month, regardless of what type of pet you have. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Organize a Pet Playdate - Invite your friends and their furry companions over for a playdate. Set up some toys and treats, and let your pets enjoy each other's company. If you don’t know many other pet owners in your vicinity, go to a park and find your pet some companions. If your dog is anxious around new dogs, we have you covered with our Zen Bites!  


  1. Take a Hike - Explore the great outdoors with your pet by going on a hike. Find a nearby trail and take in the beauty of nature. This will be great exercise for your pet and yourself!


  1. Help out Animals in Need - Give back to the community by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Walk dogs, play with cats, or help with adoption events. If you don’t own any pets and want to be involved, what better way than to help animals in need!


  1. Teach Your Pet Something New - Old dogs can learn new tricks! Spend some quality time with your pet by teaching them a new trick. Your pet will love the attention and stimulation. 


  1. Have a Photoshoot - Capture the love between you and your pet by having a photoshoot. Dress up in matching outfits, or let your pet take the spotlight. If you want your pet looking like a runway model, add onto this by giving your pet a makeover or taking them to a groomer!


  1. Make Yummy Treats - Whip up some homemade treats for your pet. If you are looking to learn baking, this is a great way to get started! Your furry friend will love the taste and appreciate the effort. If you’re looking for natural dog supplements to indulge your pet, we have you covered!


National Pet Month is a wonderful time to celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners. By taking the time to appreciate our pets and raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, we can ensure that all pets receive the love and care they deserve. So, let's make the most of this month-long celebration and show our furry friends just how much they mean to us! Zen Frenz is here to help you maximize National Pet Month for both you and your pet! With our calming treats, your pet will be in Zen and won’t have to worry about anxiety and mobility. Have fun and enjoy! 


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