CBD For Pets: The Essential Ingredients In Our Products

We understand that trying CBD products may seem intimidating to many pet-owners, especially with so many other unfamiliar ingredients listed on products. In order to better understand how our edible CBD products are made and whether these products would work best for your pet, here is a basic rundown of the important ingredients that go into our products at Zen Frenz! To get a closer look into why we use CBD in our products, check out our blog post on the science behind CBD for pets. 

1. Zen Drops

We currently offer 4 variations of Zen Drops that are tailored to different preferences and needs: Calm Zen Drops, Mobility Zen Drops, Immunity Zen Drops, and Cats Zen Drops

In addition to hemp-derived ingredients, all of our Zen Drops products contain small amounts of MCT oil as it provides a good base for pets to digest CBD faster and easier. We only use 100% MCT oil as this purified fat provides various health benefits without the harmful additives found in other oils. Our Calm Zen Drops contain 250MG of CBD oil to provide stress & anxiety relief, balanced behavior support, anti-inflammatory support, and appetite support. A more concentrated version of this is our Mobility Zen Drops which contain 500MG of CBD oil to additionally provide extra strength calming, mobility & joint support, and anti-aging support. 

While our Calm and Mobility drops can be used for both dogs and cats, our Cat Zen Drops are formulated just for cats with only 100MG of oil to produce the same benefits as our Mobility drops with added anti-itching benefits. 

Our Immunity Zen Drops are unique to our other CBD products as this product contains Hemp Seed Oil in place of CBD oil. Unlike CBD oil, Hemp Seed oil is extracted from only the seeds of the hemp plant which provides different benefits from CBD. Hemp Seed oil is targeted towards more nutritional benefits because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids. Because of this, our Immunity drops have anti-inflammatory properties that provide dogs and cats with unique benefits such as: allergy support, skin & fur protection, reduced shedding, reduced itching, and immune system support.

2. Zen Bites

We also offer CBD in the form of treats, which can be especially helpful for pets who are difficult to administer drops to. Our treats are also great as rewards, snacks for travel, and for stressful events for your pet. 

Our Bacon & Beef Zen Bites are made with CBD and other organic ingredients for dogs and cats. In addition to broad-spectrum CBD, our bites also contain organic hemp seed powder which is a complete source of all nine essential proteins for your pet. We’ve also included beef liver for Vitamin A, flaxseed for Omega-3 fats and digestive aid, and sweet potato for antioxidants and immune system support. Our ingredients are aimed towards providing your pet with essential nutrients while also providing stress and anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory support, and appetite stimulation. 

3. Zen Butter

Lastly, our Zen Butter is our all-natural peanut butter snack made with CBD and MCT oil for added benefits. Our Zen Butter is perfect for anxiety, travel, grooming, and other stressful situations for your pet. It’s made with organic dry roasted peanuts and infused with 150MG of CBD and MCT oil to provide stress and anxiety relief and balanced behavior support. Our Zen Butter is also a great occupying tactic when paired with our Lick Mat to further relieve anxiety and aid during stressful situations. 




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