Which Zen Frenz Product Is Best For Your Pet?

New to Zen Frenz? Maybe you saw our products on our social media or our website but you were not sure which was best for your pet? Or maybe you tried one of our products but it was not the best fit? Whatever the case may be here is a quick guide to see which of our products best suits you and your pet! P.S. We do giveaways throughout the year so make sure to follow our Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the next one happens. P.S.S. A little birdie told us there might be a giveaway soon ;)) 


First Timers

If you and your pets are new to using pet CBD products we would recommend starting out with the Zen Frenz 250mg Zen Drops or the Zen Frenz Bacon and Beef Zen Bites. The Zen Drops are a fantastic option for first-timers as the drops are flavorless and odorless, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your pets will like them. They come with a dropper so that controlling the dosage and administering them to your pets is easy peasy! The drops can be sprinkled over your pet’s food or water or they can be ingested directly from the dropper. Fun Fact: Zen Drops are the most common product purchased by cat owners! Our second recommendation is our Zen Bites, the treats come in a resealable bag which makes them easy to take on the go and very travel friendly. Additionally, the bites are a soft chew which makes breaking them up for smaller dogs or partial doses a breeze. 


Separation Anxiety 

If you find yourself coming home to torn-up furniture and anxious pets then your pets might need some pet CBD in their lives to help them stay zen while you are away. When leaving dogs home alone we recommend giving them a little CBD before you leave via Zen Drops or Zen Bites and then Zen Frenz Peanut Butter while you are out. Try spreading the peanut butter on a licking mat so your dogs can continue to take CBD while you are away! 



First, we want you to know that most of our products are travel friendly and can be taken through airport security! The only items that can not go through TSA are our CBD shampoo and delicious peanut butter. For traveling, we recommend being proactive and giving your pets some CBD before you leave the house for the plane/train/car. Then we suggest giving your pet more CBD every 2-5 hours while traveling or as needed. Our Zen Bites and Calming Chews are definitely our easiest products to travel with but our Zen Drops are hardly any extra effort if you and your pet prefer. 


Non-CBD options 

While none of our products contain THC or can get you/your pet high, we understand that not everyone is as comfortable with CBD at this time. If you are avoiding CBD but have anxious pets we highly recommend our Peanut Butter and Honey Calming Chews. They are just as delicious and effective as our Zen Bites just no CBD!

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