The Pet Survival Guide To Being Home Alone

The Pet Survival Guide To Being Home Alone

We know there are a lot of furry friends who found their forever home during the pandemic and may not be as familiar with staying home alone. Perhaps some of those frenz have only done it a few times or maybe they have done it for years. Regardless of your experience with staying home alone we hope everyone can benefit and learn something from this short guide.  


Expect Weird Noises 

For better or for worse weird noises are unavoidable, especially in older homes with creaky floors and doors. While you might think the noises only happen when you are home alone but they’re actually happening all the time. The problem is that usually you can’t hear them when other people are home. Tip: If you are worried about strange noises you can try to listen carefully for the noises while others are home!  


Ask Mom To Order Zen Frenz

If you are new to being home alone or if it stills causes you stress and anxiety, try to get mom to order some pet CBD from Zen Frenz. They have a wide array of yummy products ranging from peanut butter to bacon and beef treats. Alternatively if you are a picky eater ask mom for the Zen Frenz Zen Drops, they are tasteless and odorless. The best part is all of their products is they have calming ingredients (such as CBD and MCT oil) to help calm your nerves. Just make sure to start in small doses until your body is more familiar with the product! 


Watch TV 

TV is one of our favorite forms of distraction and entertainment. Watching TV is a great way to pass the time, feel less lonely, and distract you from the scary noises and people outside. Depending on how your TV works you might be able to watch TV non-stop until someone comes home. Some of our favorite programs are A Dogs Journey, Bolt, 101 Dalmations, and Hotel For Dogs. Also, make sure mom doesn’t pick a show or movie that’s too spooky!  P.S. we do not recommend that you watch Marley and Me


Befriend Your Sibling(s)

While we know that interspecie and sibling relationships can be tense or hostile, they can also be extremely rewarding and worth while. Even if you don’t really want to make conversation with your siblings, sometimes they are the only ones you can talk to. At the very least we suggest maintaining cordial relations because you never know when you’ll end up alone, it’s not like they give you a calendar! P.S. We recommend starting with a food peace-offering for best results. 


Remember: Mom Will Return!

Sometimes after being home alone for an extended period of time you might start to wonder if mom or anyone else is ever going to return. But we beg you not to stress too much because they eventually will return. Remember that sometimes your family might leave for less than an hour or for the day or even for many days overnight, but eventually you will be reunited. 

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