What CBD Products Are Good for Pets?

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Are you inexperienced with pet CBD but looking to see which product is best for your situation? We hope this article will help point out the key difference between products and aid you in picking which product is best for you. 

Zen Bites:

Zen Bites are our chewable CBD treats that come in a delicious beef and bacon flavor. Each treat is 4mg of CBD and a few treats over the course of the day is sufficient for most pets. For smaller pets and first time users, we recommend that you can start with a single or half treat to see how your pet will react. Zen Bites are preferred by dogs over cats and while many cats do like them, some are turned off by the smell and flavor. Additionally, Zen Bites are one of the most convenient forms of pet CBD for travel. The treats come in an easily resealable bag or you can put a few in a ziplock bag or your pocket for easy access on the go. 

CBD Drops:

Our Zen Drops are another great option for first time CBD users as they are easy to control and administer. The drops come in a small glass bottle with a user friendly dropper. The dropper allows for you to accurately measure how much you are giving your pets. The drops can be sprinkled on your pets food, water, or treats. Or they can be ingested directly from the dropper.  Our favorite part about the drops is that they are flavorless and odorless so if your pet is a picky eater they won’t even know they are consuming them! This also makes the drops extra cat friendly, as some cats are pickier on flavors. While the CBD drops are small enough to be taken through TSA, they are harder to administer on the go. Finally, the drops are sold in two strengths, 250mg and 500mg. Both come in the same size bottle and the only difference is the concentration. For the 250mg bottle, one dropper is 8mg of CBD. For the 500mg bottle, one dropper is 16mg of CBD. For smaller pets and new users we recommend starting with a half dropper of the 250mg bottle. For extra anxious and/or large pets we recommend 1/2-1 dropper from the 500mg bottle. 

CBD Peanut Butter:

We love using the CBD peanut butter for pets who struggle with separation anxiety. If you find yourself coming home to a torn up house after leaving your pets home alone, you might want to consider investing in some CBD peanut butter. The added benefit of the peanut butter over the drops or bites is the peanut butter can be spread on pet toys and slowly licked off over time. We recommend that you spread the peanut butter over a licking toy and give it to your pet as you walk out the door. That way they will continue to take small incremental amounts of CBD while you're gone, rather than a larger amount all at once. 

CBD Shampoo:

Our CBD infused shampoo is a game changer for pets who get nervous during bath time. Many pets dread getting in the sink or shower or bath as they know it’s time to get wet and rubbed with strange liquids. Our CBD shampoo can entirely replace your current shampoo and many users report that their pets are significantly calmer just 5-10 minutes after application. If bath time is still challenging you can also try a few CBD drops or Bites before the bath or shower. 

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