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You may have heard us talking about building a community of passionate pet owners, but with no other context or definition you might be a little confused as to what that really means. 

In order to help explain what this means, it is important to familiarize yourself with our mission statement, “Zen Frenz aims to be the future of pet wellness. We are dedicated to building a community of passionate pet owners who strive to bring themselves their Frenz the best lives possible.” Zen Frenz aims to be more than just another pet brand, Zen Frenz aims to be more than just a blue packaging and pet wellness products. Zen Frenz wants to help pets and pet owners live their best lives possible and to help achieve that we offer a line of top tier pet wellness products. We are committed to connecting with our customers and any followers of our brand whether that be on social media, our website or in person at pet boutiques or trade shows such as the Melrose Trading Post. We are very active on our social media accounts and you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and most recently Pinterest. We love being able to share content that helps improve the lives of ourselves and our followers. While we post a lot about our products, we are also committed to posting lots of other content too. We post many cat and dog facts, so many fun things to learn about pets! We also post ways to get ~zen~, as a huge part of our mission is promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These posts are usually aimed at our pet owners and give helpful tips for humans to decompress and relax. In addition to those posts we also post infographics to help educate followers (and anyone that scrolls through our feed) on CBD for pets, the products we offer, and more. Recently we have started #FrenzFriday which is an amazing contest that allows us to connect more with our followers and to give people who are unfamiliar to us a chance to try out a brand. The event is simple, any account can post a pet picture or video with “#FrenzFriday” and at the end of the week a new winner will be chosen. The weekly winner will receive a free product, a feature on our feed, and a feature on our story! We love helping people access our products and we especially love getting to connect with new pet owners! 

A little bit about our products:

Our products are made here in the United States from well vetted manufacturers. The products utilize minimal and mostly all-natural ingredients to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, we are proud to offer a wide array of products that will suit the needs of any pet! We offer CBD peanut butter, CBD infused shampoo, CBD drops, calming chews, and more! While our products are mostly targeted at situational pet anxiety such as travel and being home alone, they also help with appetite support, fur and coat, and balanced behavior support. 

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