How to Become a Dog Influencer

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Ever wanted to be famous? Or maybe the celebrity life isn’t for you but you wanted a taste? Then perhaps helping your dog become an influencer might be the route for you! The reach and scope of social media is only increasing, these days it seems like anyone and everyone can get famous on social media. Sadly in reality becoming famous takes more work than simply making an Instagram or Tik Tok profile. While there are no cheat codes to becoming a viral sensation, there are a couple of tips to help build your pet’s brand as an influencer. 

  1. Stay consistent

This is great advice for your pets account, your account or anyones account. From experience we have seen that social media apps try to give priority to their more active users. In other words the more you use their platform the more they will help promote your content. While you don’t have to post every couple of hours, you should try to post a few times a week. You don’t want to post so much that people get tired of your content, but you should post weekly to stay relevant. 

  1. Quality matters

While some accounts are able to get away with posting none-stop to build their following, that is not the reality for most accounts. Usually growth starts out slow but as you continue to deliver on quality content your following will come. A few really good posts a week greatly outweighs many mediocre posts in a day. A huge part of quality is the actual photo that you are posting. No one wants to see blurry, dim pictures on their feed. People want to see crisp, engaging, well-lit images. 

  1. Theme

Part of becoming a pet influence is turning your pets account into a brand. The best accounts are the ones with consistent themes, colors , and messaging. For example, many accounts will use the same filter on every photo to make their feed more aesthetically pleasing. Other accounts will make the first image on each Instagram “highlight” the same color or style. Another thing accounts do is make their captions in the same format, maybe they always ask a question with a red heart after. It doesn’t matter exactly what aesthetic you pick, but you do want your account to be visually appealing. 

  1. Reach out!

A great way to build your social media network is to reach others and collaborate with other similar accounts. Try not to look at similar accounts as a roadblock to your success, instead see them as a tool to help mutually grow your followings. It can be a simple dm where you decide to repost a photo of each other's account on your story.

  1. Be patient

Chances are you will not become an overnight sensation or  break the internet on your first try. Remember that growth will be slow in the beginning, so try to be patient and avoid getting discouraged early on. As long as you follow our other helpful tips the growth will come! 

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