The FIVE Best Ways To Calm Your Cat

Just like people, cats can get stressed out from time to time. Boredom, overstimulation (too much noise and/or excessive touching), and changes in their environment can easily set them off. While the best thing to do is keep your cat’s environment as stress-free as possible, calming aids for cats can also help when unavoidable changes are happening in their environment. Here are some of our favorite ways to help your cats get calm!

Pet Friendly CBD 

Pet friendly CBD is one of our favorite ways to help your cats get calm. CBD is non-psycoactive and will not get your pets high, instead the CBD offers a range of benefits, specifically for calming. The top benefits of CBD for pets are stress and anxiety relief, balanced behavior support, appetite stimulant, and mobility/joint support. For cats we always recommend our Zen Drops as they are flavorless and odorless, perfect for picky eaters. Your cat can ingest them straight from the dropper or use the dropper to sprinkle the drops on your cats food or water. 


If your cat loves having his face stroked, try a full blown cat massage! Just like in humans, massage has many benefits for cats, including stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Many cats will even deepen their emotional connection with their owners when they experience massage in gentle, mindful ways. You'll want your cat to feel safe and comfortable when you massage him, so start slow, use gentle touch and begin with "safe zones" like the back. Watch his body language, and you'll discover what he likes and doesn’t like. All cats are different! If your cat doesn't appreciate massage at first, try gentle and methodical brushing with a brush made for cats.

Cat Nip**

Most cats love catnip, and they'll get into the nip groove instantly—they may even want to roll around in it! I offer my cats a pinch in a cardboard box that's large enough for them to play in, or even on a towel on the floor. Offer only small amounts at a time until you know how your cat will react to catnip.


Take A Nap 

Do you let your cat to sleep with you at night? Some cats are active at night, but those who sleep when you do will enjoy cuddling while you both rest. You can try this with a daytime nap, too, and you'll both wake refreshed and ready for some playtime. You may get some purring action, too, which brings me to my final tip on relaxing with your cat.


Cats love an occasional treat just as much as you do (though yours probably look, smell, and taste a little different). You can find a variety of cat treats online and in stores, and your cat might have favorites. You'll find all types from conventional to grain free, so choose one that's healthy and right for your cat, and give them out responsibly.

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