Celebrating Spring With Pets!

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting hotter, you know what that means, it is Springtime! Springtime is one of our favorite times of the year, as we are based in the Los Angeles area we have tons of fun outdoor activities to take advantage of during the warmer months. If you have been wanting to try out new activities or spend extra time with your pets, here are some fun ways to celebrate Spring with your pets! 

Find A New Walking Route! 

Most pets go on one to two walks a day so it can be easy to find yourself in a dog walking rut. Use the Spring time to discover new dog walking paths and break out of your monotonous routines. Even if there are not any convenient new routes you can try doing your usual routes in the opposite direction. It might not be realistic to try a new walk everyday but try to get into the habit of taking your dog somewhere new once a week. Try a new trail, new neighborhood, new hike, or new dog park. Discovering new places together can help strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Try a New Spring Look

Everyone enjoys getting a fresh outfit or haircut, and so do our dogs! Freshen up your dog's look with a new collar in spring shades. You also pair your pets collar with a festive new bandana in a similar spring color or print. You can also give the groomer a visit for a lighter, more breathable haircut. 

Have a Puppy Playdate

If you have a securely fenced backyard, consider hosting a spring party with paws. Invite your pups best buds and their hoomans for an afternoon hangout! Make sure to set out some extra water bowls and toys for them to enjoy. Pro tip: keep the human food menu dog-friendly incase any food gets dropped (or stolen). 

Pack a Picnic

Spring is synonymous with sunny picnics, and the inclusion of your pet in this spring ritual makes it extra special. Pack a no-fuss meal for your two-legged family members and your pet’s usual food for him; too much food away from his usual diet can create tummy troubles. 

Be sure to keep your dog away from items on the do not eat list: onion-y potato salad, any alcoholic beverages, fried chicken bones, chocolate desserts, and more. If your picnic is at a public picnic area, be sure to do a quick sweep of the area on arrival for anything harmful to dogs.

Spring Cleaning!

When tackling your spring cleaning, make sure to include your pet’s items too! Clean out their food dishes, kennels, beds and litter boxes. Evaluate your pet’s toy collection, toss any toys that are damaged, donate toys that your pet no longer plays with and wash the remaining items. Over time dirt and germs can build up on any surface, so make sure to clean your dogs belongings periodically to avoid them getting sick! 


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