The Best Things to Do with your Dog this Fall

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Here at Zen Frenz, our motto is to allow your pet to get zen on any occasion! One occasion coming up is this fall is halloween! In order to get into the fall spirit, we’ve come up with a list of a few things you can do with your furry best friend this fall. 

Visit An Apple Orchard

The apples are ripe for the picking, and a visit to the orchard is a great way to get outside and enjoy the cool, crisp, fall air. Many orchards allow dogs, but be sure to check your local orchard's rules about dogs before you go.
Apple slices can also help clean your pup's teeth and freshen their breath, but make sure you remove the core and seeds as they can be choking hazards or cause gastrointestinal obstructions.

Go Pumpkin Picking

There are a lot of pumpkin patches that allow you to visit with your pooch, but as with apple orchards, check your local pumpkin patch's rules before you show up.
Your pup can help you sniff out the best pumpkin for making an awesome, dog-themed jack-o-lantern.

Go Tailgating

Football season is starting up, and your dog will be one of the few guests at the tailgating get-together who actually has a tail.
Dogs will love the chance to get outside with you and friends. Make sure to bring some Zen Bites for them as they will also get hungry too!
And be sure to bring your dog's favorite ball, too, so they can get in on the athletic activities.

Take A Nature Hike

With the leaves changing colors, it's a beautiful time of year to be outside.
Your dog isn't colorblind, but they have a limited range of colors that they can see. Even though they may not be able to enjoy the sights as much as you, the fall season brings out all sorts of new smells that will have your pup just as excited to go for a nature hike.
Hiking can put a tole on your pups joints and paws as well. We recommend our Zen Drops for joint support and our Healing Balm for their paws.

Go On Vacation

Very few people go on vacation during the fall season. School starts up again and people prepare for the holiday rush. But you can take advantage of that because travel and accommodation prices are usually pretty low.
Find your favorite dog-friendly hotels, plan some activities, and get away from the hustle and bustle for a while. Also remember to bring any medications or supplements they take. And if your pup struggles with travel either in car or plane rides, then we recommend using our Zen Drops or Zen Bites!

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