How To Trick Or Treat Safely With Pets

Happy Fall Frenz! Like it or not we are cruising through 2021, can you believe we will be saying hello to 2022 in just a few short months!? If you are a family with younger kids we bet you have already started to think about Halloween and trick-or-treating this year. We know that most families were not able to trick-or-treat last year due to the pandemic, so kids are especially excited at the prospect of getting to trick-or-treat again. And just because it is usually the children (and sometimes the adults) who get dress up and go trick-or-treating, does not mean pets can’t also participate. With a little bit of planning and good judgment, there is no reason why furry friends could not join in on all the fun! 

1. Come Prepared 

This is our best and most basic piece of advice. Chances are anytime you bring your pet somewhere for an extended period of time you bring certain supplies to make sure your pets are happy and well taken care of while you are away from home. And trick-or-treating is no exception! While the exact items you should bring depend on how long you will be trick-or-treating for, the basics are universal. Make sure you have enough water for a couple of hours, a leash, doggy bags for potty breaks, and a couple of treats. 

2. Have A Plan B

While ideally, it would be great if your pups could patiently participate in trick-or-treating all night, that’s not a very realistic expectation. Pets are like young kids, they get upset, overwhelmed, tired, etc. There is always a chance that your pet might not want to or be able to trick-or-treat all night, therefore we recommend that you have a contingency plan. The easiest way to combat this is to have at least two parents accompanying the kids and pets, that way if anyone needs to go home (human or pet) there is another parent to watch everyone else. Alternatively, you could have a friend or neighbor ready to meet you in the event that you need to take your pup(s) home. 

3. Special Treats For Pets

As we all know, most candy is not safe for pets and should only be consumed by humans. BUT just because dogs can not enjoy our favorite candy bars, does not mean they do not deserve Halloween treats! We recommend bringing a few pet-friendly treats to reward your furry trick-or-treaters. If you want to put in a little bit of extra effort we have an Autumn Leaf Fall Treat pet-friendly biscuit recipe for you to try. 

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4. Pet Costume

Is everyone dressed to impress in their costumes? Worried your pets might feel left out of all of the fun? Check out our recent blog post on easy DIY pet costumes for inspiration. The best part is most of the costumes are made with items and materials you probably already have at home! 

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