Five Easy DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

Welcome back to blog frenz! In case you missed it, today is October 1st which means that it is officially spooky season. If you are new to that term, don’t worry, we just mean that it is officially October and Halloween is quickly approaching! And with Halloween comes Halloween costumes! While you can always run to Petsmart or Amazon to buy a pet costume, they can often be itchy and expensive. So, if you want to save some money (and your pet’s skin) here are some super simple DIY pet costumes!

  1. Beanie Baby 

Is your furry friend cute enough to be a Beanie Baby stuffed toy? If so, you are in luck because this costume is one of our easiest! Another reason why we love this costume is that you probably have all the materials at home. All you need is paper/cardboard, markers/printer, and a collar or ribbon. No creativity or craft skills are required! 

  1. Princess/Ballerina

This is another super simple costume. For this all you need is a tutu, make sure it is not too tight around your pet. Kids tutus work great and can be found on Amazon. If you want to make your princess costume more convincing, we suggest you add a DIY paper crown/tiara. Remember that many pets are more sensitive to things on their head than their body. Optional: Adding an old elegant looking necklace can be a great addition to any princess’s look. 

  1. CEO

Is your pet a budding entrepreneur or natural-born leader? If so, this easy DIY costume might be perfect! For this outfit all you need is one of dad's old ties, or alternatively, you can try Goodwill or Amazon for cheap ties. Just make sure the tie isn’t too tight on your neck. Optional: Find some old glasses to rest on your dog’s head for a photo or you can carry around a mini briefcase with treats to complete the look. 

  1. Bride and Groom

Do you have two furry frenz or a good human friend with a pet? If so, this adorable idea is ideal for you. All you need is two pets, tulle or costume veil, bow tie, or ribbon to make your own. Then just decide who will be the bride with the veil and who will be the groom with a bow tie. Optional: add a fake pearl necklace to the bride's outfit. P.S. young children make the perfect flower girl or ring bearer to add to the theme. 

  1. 12-Pack of Soda 

This last idea is perfect for weiner dogs or any other long-body dogs you might have! This simple costume is also good for the environment as it utilizes only an old, recycled box of soda cans. For this costume, try to slide the soda box over your dog’s head or butt and let the box sit on their stomachs. Just make sure your pet is able to breathe and be comfortable. Optional: If you also have a baby or toddler you could dress them up like a can of soda from your pet’s box! 

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