Tips For Helping Anxious Pets

Here at Zen Frenz, we pride ourselves on being the future of pet wellness. And to us, pet wellness is much more than a few visits to the vet, a walk each morning, and some natural dog food. For us, pet wellness is an all encapsulating term that refers to the wellness of pets in all aspects of life. Our care for pets goes well beyond the Zen Frenz label on a handful of pet CBD products. 

When working with pets it is important to realize that not all pets are the same and not all pets have the same issues. It is also important to realize that pets are like humans because they feel emotions and can have mental health issues. Humans are not the only animal that can get sad or scared or upset. Many studies have been done on pet anxiety, and one study, conducted by first author Milla Salonen and her colleagues, found that many many dogs show signs of anxiety, over perhaps over 70%. Clearly, pets are suffering from anxiety but as a pet parent, you might not know where to start or how to help them. Keep reading to learn more about our tips for helping anxious pets. 

  1. Pet CBD
    1. Clearly, here at Zen Frenz, we are big proponets of CBD for pets. CBD is non-psychoactive and completely pet safe. CBD can help with stress, anxiety, mobility, joint support and so much more! CBD also comes in many different forms and varying strengths so there should be something for everyone! For first-time users, we love to recommend our 250mg Zen Drops. They are tasteless and odorless and with a convenient dropper lid, they are super easy to measure and administer to your pet. 
  2. Calming Shirts 
    1. There are many brands of calming shirts/jackets for sale in the pet industry. Most of them have the same general features and benefits, they provide mild, constant pressure to your pet’s torso to help them feel calmer and reduce anxiety. Think of it as a baby swaddle for pets. These calming shirts are great for any kind of pet anxiety including separation and travel. They can be purchased at many pet retailers such as Petsmart and Petco or online at 
  3. Physical Contact 
    1. Your pets are life your kids and when they get scared they both want to cling to those who love them and make them feel safe. Just as your kids want a hug after a long day of school or a bad day, your pet just wants some scratches or cuddles when they start to feel stressed. So, as soon as you see your pet start to get anxious or stressed out it can be helpful to sit and cuddle with them to ease their nerves. 
  4. More Exercise 
    1. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress in both humans and dogs because of the endorphins it releases. Exercise is especially beneficial for pets who suffer from separation anxiety as it tires them out so they can hopefully rest while you are away. 

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