The Benefits of Giving your Dog a Massage

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Here at Zen Frenz we appreciate all forms of wellness and staying zen. One of our favorites is a massage. ​​A massage is the perfect activity for your dog after a busy day of play or during a potentially stressful situation. The best part of a massage is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to bring your dog back to a calm state of mind and relieve muscle soreness. Your dog will never turn down the opportunity for pets and physical affection, here are a few examples of when a massage would be most beneficial for your dog.

Pre & Post Activity

Dogs are like humans in the sense that we can both benefit from warm up and cool down activities before and after exercise or play. A massage before and after play allows for a dog’s circulation to increase, their muscles to loosen, and can prevent injury and soreness. When a dog plays at a daycare, they will be pretty tuckered out when they come home. A massage is a welcome surprise to kickstart relaxation after a long day of play with their other furry friends.


When thunder cracks, lightning strikes, or during a firework show, dogs may become anxious and start to shake. If something makes your dog nervous, take a moment to assess your pup and give them a light massage to lower their heart rate and assure them there is nothing to be concerned about. A dog can be massaged on the head, back, tail, belly or paws. If your dog has an area they don’t like to be touched, refrain from that area.


As a dog ages, they may develop inflammation and stiffness in their joints known as arthritis. A massage can be a great way for your dog to feel relief from the pressure arthritis can cause. Rub and softly knead sore muscles and joints to increase circulation. As your hands apply pressure, a dog’s muscle tissue will contract causing an increase in local blood flow. Do not apply excessive pressure and pay attention to any areas of extreme soreness on your dog. Stop immediately if your dog seems uncomfortable. We also recommend using our Hemp Oil for joint and mobility support. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help as well. 


After a stressful event or vigorous exercise, a massage is a perfect way to show your dog you care about their muscles and mental health. If your dog attends a daycare, there is nothing better than a massage after a full day of play! Also make sure to use our Hemp Oil for additional support with your pups joints and body. 

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