4 Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats For Dogs

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Here at Zen Frenz, we’re getting ready for the spooky season. We have updated our Instagram account with a fall theme just in time. We also are very excited to host our annual costume contest soon! Last year we had some awesome submissions and we are excited to see what everyone has in store this year. But, until then, we have been looking into some spooky halloween treats to give to you pup. Here are some delicious Halloween themed treats that are simple to make for your furry best friend.

  1. Throw 'em a Skeleton Bone

A bone is the quintessential dog treat for halloween, and skeleton bone treat is so simple, you probably have all the ingredients already. Once your dog has a taste for these bones, no skeleton will be safe!

  1. Light Up their Life with PB Jack’o’lanterns

Roll out some peanut butter treats for your four legged friends this Halloween. Simple to prepare, and quick to bake, your dog will be waiting by the oven for these homemade treats. Choose pumpkin shapes or go spooky with ghosts--either way, your dog will thank you. And to get even more zen try our Zen Frenz Peanut Butter. 

  1. Go Batty With Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin spice may be all the rage for humans during the fall, and if you suspect your dog is jealous that she can't indulge, you're probably right. Use this Halloween as an opportunity to share the pumpkin spice love with these peanut butter and pumpkin treats.

  1. Frost Boring Dog Treats to Make Them Eerily Delicious

Give your dog treats a spectral makeover with this yogurt frosting that is safe for your dog to eat.

With a basic dog biscuit recipe and some fun Halloween cookie cutters, you can transform any treat into something hair-raisingly tasty.


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