How To Celebrate Halloween With Your Pets


It is T-minus two weeks until Halloween (not that we are counting) so that means that Halloween fesitives are in full effect! It is time for trips to the pumpkin patch, hayrides, pumpkin pie, carving pumpkins, costumes, and so much more. Halloween is a great opportunity to bring the whole family together and get everyone involved, so why would you want to leave out your pets?! Here are four ways to include your furry frenz in your Halloween celebrations. 

1. Pet Costumes

With Halloween comes Halloween costumes! While you can always run to Petsmart or Amazon to buy a pet costume, they can often be itchy and expensive. So, if you want to save some money (and your pet’s skin) here are some super simple DIY pet costumes! Some of our favorite costumes we have seen over the years are a UPS delivery driver, #basicwitch, Little Red Ridding Hood, and Goosebumps. While most of those costumes do require some money or time/skill, homemade costumes do not. And sometimes an inexpensive at home costume is even more memorable than an expensive store bought one.  Click the link below to learn how to make super easy DIY pet costumes. 

=> Five Easy DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

2. No Tricks Just Treats

While most of the family will probably be enjoying chocolate bars and candy corn, those treats are not safe for animals. Instead consider using store bought pet treats or better yet make your own at home! And do not worry if making DIY dog treats seems like a daunting task, they are super simple. Just pretend like you’re following a Betty Crocker Box. Click the link below for autumn leaf dog treats.

=> Autumn Leaf Dog Treats

3. Pet-Friendly Decorations

Setting up festive decorations for the holidays is an integral part of the celebrations. Sadly not all pets are as respectful of your hardwork to set them all up, but here are a few suggestions on how to keep your house spooky and pet friendly. We recommend you stay away from paper decorations, unless they are high up, just think about how much your pets love to open Christmas gifts that are not for them. We also do not recommend using styrofoam grave stones, as they often contain chemicals that can be harmless to curious pets. When in doubt keep decorations out of reach! Note: Depending on how well trained your pets are these decoration suggestions might be more or less important for your family to consider when decorating. 

4. How To Trick Or Treat Safely With Pets 

Just because it is usually the children (and sometimes the adults) who get dress up and go trick-or-treating, does not mean pets can’t also participate. With a little bit of planning and good judgment, there is no reason why furry friends could not join in on all the fun! We recommend that you go prepared, have a backup plan, and bring special treats for your pets. If you want to learn more about trick-or-treating with your pet check out our recent blog! 

=> How To Trick Or Treat Safely With Pets

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