Summer Travel Plans (With Pets)!

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As it stands it feels like the world is quickly on its way back to normal. Many people are projecting that come around mid to end June or early to mid-July 80% of adults in the United States are going to be fully vaccinated. Every day as more and more people are becoming vaccinated our chances of hitting herd immunity increase. Additionally, the FDA and United States government recently announced that more testing had been done and now anyone over the age of 12 was eligible to get vaccinated. Previously, only those 18 and up were eligible. As restrictions are lifted and the world begins to reopen many people are now figuring out their summer plans. Considering how little people were able to move around during Covid, people are more eager than before to get out and travel. 

While fewer restrictions and the thought of traveling are extremely exciting, planning a trip is not easy. Figuring out where you want to go, how to get there, what to do, and how you are going to afford it are not simple questions. Additionally, many people are trying to plan trips that their kids and/or pets are able to go on which come with their own lists of challenges. 

While many families traveled with their pets pre-covid and have a general idea of how to make that work, an overwhelming number of families and individuals adopted pets during the pandemic. These “quarantine pets” as many people are calling them, have likely never been on vacation and perhaps have not even been to a dog park depending on how strict your cities guidelines have been. Whether you are out of practice traveling with pets or you’re brand new to it, we hope that we can help you with a few of the issues that might arise. 

One of the biggest problems of traveling with pets is dealing with them during the actual travel. Also, the actual mode of transportation, whether that be on an airplane, in a car, or on a train, is relatively unimportant. Ideally, your pets would be calm and quiet for the duration of the trip, perhaps by taking a nap. Wanting that and achieving that are sadly very different stories. A few tips to keep pets calm during travel is to make sure they get a lot of exercise before leaving, that way they are more tired and therefore calmer. You could try  going to the dog park or on a walk before. You can also try to schedule travel during the times they would usually be asleep, some time from around 9 pm to 7 am.  Finally, you can try giving pet-friendly CBD products to your pets to help them feel extra ~zen~ during travel. We would recommend adding a few sprinkles of Zen Drops to their food just before travel and bringing some 4 mg Zen Bites with you for keeping them ~zen~ throughout the day. Both of these products can be found on the Zen Frenz website at

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