Pet Struggling With Nausea?

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Something very important that we want to preface is that if your pet continues to have nausea after a few days and/or any other symptoms please contact your veterinarian. We are not equipped to provide any medical diagnoses.   

Do you find yourself struggling to deal with a pet who is struggling with nausea? If you are a pet owner then you have probably dealt with some upset stomachs at one point or another. Whether that was from a new food, eating something they should not have, or an illness. Not only is nausea gross to deal with, but it is also heartbreaking to see your pets not feeling their best. At the end of the day our pets are like our kids and all we want is what is best for them. 

While most pets feel nausea on random occasions, just like humans, other pets have much more chronic nausea. If you are trying to figure out why your pet might be feeling nauseous we have included a couple of reasons why. It is also important to note that there are a plethora of reasons beyond this list. Many pets might feel nauseous as a result of new medications, this often happens in conjunction with surgery. Other times a change in diet can cause chronic nausea, maybe your pet’s new food or treats are not sitting well with their stomachs. Other pets have situational nausea caused by things such as motion sickness. While ultimately you do want to find the root cause of their nausea, you also need a temporary solution until the main problem is resolved. 

We have found that pet owners are starting to turn to CBD products for some of their pet’s nausea issues. This works best in situations where you think your pet might have nausea from not eating. For example, if your pet is on medication for surgery or just in general, the medication might make them feel sick and as a result, they might not want to eat.  Then they are taking the medication on an empty stomach, which can make them feel even worse and reduce their chances of eating even more. Pet CBD is an effective appetite stimulant, so hopefully getting your pet to eat can help them feel less sick from the medication. Another situation in which we see people trying pet CBD is for car sickness. Sometimes the family decides to take a road trip and you decide to bring your dog along. It is not uncommon for pets to experience motion sickness just as many humans do. Additionally, let’s now say that most mornings you start driving so early that you don’t even eat breakfast before leaving. This can cause your pet to feel extra sick in the car and if your pet is sick in the car from motion sickness and not eating, when you stop to eat breakfast they may not want to eat. If your pet continues to not eat, then they will still feel sick, and therefore find themselves in a never-ending cycle. 

While pet CBD might not solve all instances of pet nausea, hopefully, it can help a few owners out! The products we recommend are the Zen Frenz Zen Bites or Zen Drops! The Bites are ideal for on the go and the drops are great because they are flavorless and odorless, so pets with stomach issues often digest them better. 

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