CBD VS. HEMP SEED OIL: Which is best for your pet?

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With CBD oils and products on the rise, many consumers are coming to understand its potential health benefits, choosing this natural supplement over other medications and less natural solutions. But did you know there is another product on the rise in the CBD/pet wellness world? The new player on the scene is hemp seed oil or hemp oil.  

When searching for alternative solutions to a wide array of conditions your pet experiences, you may be quick to assume that CBD and hemp oil are effectively the same.  In reality, CBD and hemp seed oil have a handful of differences, starting with how they are derived and what health benefits they can provide your pet. 

The Benefits of CBD Vs. Hemp Seed Oil For Pets:

 Pet parents typically use CBD oil to aid in treating a variety of therapeutic conditions in pets. For instance, CBD helps alleviate inflammation that can cause pain. CBD oil has also been used to help treat anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and more in both humans and pets. 

On the other hand, hemp seed is considered a nutritional supplement. While it contains no CBD, it is chock-full of nutritional properties that support pet health. You probably already know about the amazing benefits of omega fatty acids that are found in other supplements, like fish oils. But you may be surprised to learn that hemp is actually one of the best sources of Omegas, too! Hemp seeds are a great way to add Omegas to your pup’s diet. Here are some of the benefits of omegas for pets:

  • Supports skin and coat health

  • Promotes healthy hips and joints (meaning, potentially more flexibility and comfort)

  • Helps with cardiovascular health as well as the immune system

Hempseed oil also provides another holistic ingredient: Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)--not as commonly known, but helps support pups with allergies, mobility, skin, and digestive issues. It also helps promote a healthy coat and supports weight management! The benefits of hemp seed don’t stop just there. It’s also a powerful source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are essential in providing your pet with a well-balanced diet.” 

But Which Should I Get For My Pet? 

Why not both? While both products do have some similarities and cross-over, they are far from the same product. Each product will provide your pets with unique benefits ranging from help with anxiety to immune support. You will want to have pet CBD on hand for situational anxiety such as being home alone, travel, doggy daycare, etc. And additionally, you will want to have hemp seed oil drops on hand to help protect your pet’s fur and coat, increased joint mobility, and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are looking for a hemp seed oil product for pets we recommend the Zen Frenz Hemp Oil Drops. And for your CBD needs, we recommend their Zen Drops. Both products come in a travel-friendly glass bottle with an easy-to-use dropper, to make using the product as painless as possible. 

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