Pups on the Trail

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Pups on the Trail 

Many dog owners love the versatility of being able to bring their dog with them while they hike, explore, or just get outside. For many, nothing beats the feeling of climbing through the trees or up mountains with their furry friend conveniently by their side. But like a lot of activities, bringing along your pup does require a couple extra steps of preparation to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Just like humans, dogs also experience ache and fatigue from extended time exercising. It’s important to take care of your pets and aid them in helping their bodies recover after a long day(s) of trekking. That’s why when we take our pup, Yoshi, out in nature we like to have a few drops of pet Hemp Oil with us to help with his coat and paws. We have also found it helpful to use some Zen Bites for the recovery walk back to the car or in the car for a calming ride back home. 

Danyelle also does something similar with her pups saying, “These are a staple in my backpack for hiking. I typically give my pup one coming down the trail or when we are back at the car to help aid in recovery, and she absolutely loves the bacon and beef flavor!!! They also work great for our long car rides to the mountains. Thanks for making such a great and convenient product for my girl.” We definitely feel like pet CBD is becoming a staple on any hike or outdoor outing. 

Another important part of hiking with dogs is to always make sure you bring MORE than enough water for both you and your dog. There is no excuse to ever hike without water, it’s extremely dangerous especially if it’s even remotely hot outside. There are also lots of cool gadgets on Amazon that double as both a water bottle and a dog bowl to make drinking water on the go super easy and convenient. While water is the number one priority (always), it is also strongly recommended that you bring snacks for both you and your pup. Some of the snacks we enjoy on the trail are energy bars, pretzels, trail mix, and turkey sandwiches. While for our pups we like to have a couple bacon and beef Zen Bites on hand. 

Also, you must have a leash with you. Unless it’s a dog park or your private property, leashes are not only recommended but required by law. Even if you have the best trained and friendliest dog, it is still crucial that you bring a leash with you. While most people love dogs, there is a population of people who do not take kindly to a random dog running up to them and jumping on them to say hello. Your final hike checklist (at a minimum) should include, but is not limited to, pet CBD oil or bites, plenty of water, and a leash. Optional items could include: ball, frisbee, hat, dog shoes, kids, or significant other. 

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