Did Someone Say Vet?

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It’s no secret that pets (and kids) find themselves getting especially anxious when the words “doctor,” “vet,” “shot,” or “check-up” are mentioned. Going to the vet’s/doctor's office can be a very daunting task for many humans and animals and it’s hard to blame them. When pets go to the vet all they know is that they're going to an unfamiliar, scary building filled with humans dressed in strange clothes. Once inside they start poking and touching you all over. If you’re lucky that's all that happens, most times when you go in you also have to get poked somewhere with a needle for some unknown reason. We know for our dog, Yoshi, the seemingly impending doom of going to the vet can cause high levels of stress and anxiety. To help alleviate some of that stress we have started to turn towards various pet CBD products. After trying out a couple oils and bites, we think we have found the perfect combination that makes a visit to the vet office (almost) bearable. For him we like to do a combination of a bacon and beef Zen Bite with just a little smear of pet friendly CBD peanut butter. We like to save this combination as a super special treat for things like going to the vet or travelling, just to sweeten the deal for him. 

We have also discovered that we are not the only ones that have adapted to the CBD and vet combination. Kathryne L. writes, “We love this cbd oil and give it to both our dogs and cat. It helps to calm their anxiety. They don't mind the taste.” And we definitely aren’t the only ones either, there are countless other pet owners who rave about how calm and relaxed their pets feel after the CBD starts to take into effect (typically only a few minutes). 

Also when going to the vet during these uncertain times it is especially important to keep safety as your top priority. Just as “Kelli.Rascoefrom Trupanion said, “Safety is what’s most important for you, your veterinarian and your pet. If your pet needs medical care, call ahead and ask your veterinarian how they’re admitting pets. You may need to make an appointment and wait in your car when you get there. Also, it’s recommended to keep your distance and wash your hands when you’re out in public. Be mindful of touching surfaces, doors, and keep sanitizer and your own pen with you to sign any papers.” We can not express how important it is to keep both you, your pet, and your family safe during these challenging times. 

Sadly, going to the vet is an imperative part of being both a pet and a pet owner and there’s really no good way round it. That being said, going to the vet doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of or dread. By exercising proper safety precautions and taking the recommended dosage of pet CBD products, the process can be greatly improved. 

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