Flying With Pets

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Flying with pets

Everyone knows that flying in general can cause high levels of anxiety, but once you throw pets into the mix the levels only increase. As pet owners we never want to leave our pets behind while we go on vacation or leave for any reason, but it can be difficult to justify putting them through the stress of travel. New environments of any kind can be extremely challenging to navigate. Airports especially are packed full of new people, smells, sights, and overall stimuli. Even humans new to flying are often extremely overwhelmed by the airport and TSA security experience, so it’s difficult to even imagine what our pets feel like when they’re put in that situation. For me travelling can be super exciting because I love getting to explore new places. But sometimes travel includes sitting in a narrow middle seat between two big guys for four hours after waking up at the crack of dawn. Although that isn’t exactly my ideal start to the day… But until they iron out the kinks of teleportation, airplanes will have to do as they’re often the most efficient and sometimes only way to get to your destination. 

In an effort to make traveling as user friendly as possible we’ve turned to pet approved CBD supplements to calm down our dogs and cats. CBD is extremely safe for pets and humans alike and does not include THC, the active ingredient in weed that causes the “high” feeling. CBD is full of amazing benefits including stress and anxiety relief, balance behavior support, anti-itching support, along with many others. The Zen Frenz CBD Oil utilizes all natural ingredients including CBD, as well as MCT oil to help keep pets calm and relaxed regardless of the situation. Additionally the oil is unflavored, which pets seem to prefer over other flavored ones. The other benefit of being unflavored is that the oil can be put on top of any treats or kibble or licked directly from the dropper. That’s how our dog Yoshi likes it! Also, the new Zen Frenz Calming Chews are another convenient option as the bag is resealable and can be taken through TSA. They can be administered on the plane or a little before in the car. If you really want to sweeten the deal you can also try putting a little CBD peanut butter on a bacon and beef bite. Just be careful to follow all of the instructions and adhere to the recommended doses depending on the size of your pet. 

Again, travelling with pets usually is complicated, on the one hand you don’t want to leave them at home or at a daycare but it’s also hard to see your beloved pet anxious and uncomfortable for consecutive hours on end.  You also don’t want to be the passenger with a whimpering dog on your lap on the night flight…then no ones able to even try to enjoy themselves. In general, flying isn’t usually the most comfortable experience for anyone but a couple milligrams of non-psychoactive CBD can definitely improve the overall experience for pets.  

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