Leaving Your Dog at home For a Night Out

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Picture it, it’s a Friday or Saturday night after a long and challenging week at work. The whole week your boss was nagging you to finish or fix something, a co-worker was out of the office meaning you had to pick up the slack and to make matters even worse you got a parking ticket. Then maybe a friend texts you to invite you to dinner and drinks at the Rose in Venice or just a local spot for a beer. The text immediately improves your mood and quite frankly you can’t think of a better way to treat yourself for all of the crap you had to deal with over the week. But before you can get too excited about an outing with friends you remember that you live alone and your pets go crazy and tear up the house anytime you leave them at home unattended for too long. On one hand you know you deserve a fun night out but on the other hand you have to decide if going out is worth the anxiety it causes your pets and the clean up that inevitably comes with it. 

That is a problem and feeling that too many people too often have. Obviously you knew getting a pet was a huge commitment and responsibility, but it should not necessarily control and restrict all aspects of your life. You could ask a friend or family member to pet sit, but what if they are busy and it can be awkward to ask someone to drop what they’re doing to allow you to go to a bar for a couple of hours. Alternatively you could pay a pet sitter but that can get super expensive and that’s something you'd have to plan for in advance. If you think at this point you're tough out of luck, don’t worry, we have another solution for you: Pet CBD. Pet CBD is a growing industry of pet wellness products that specifically target situational anxiety, among other things. The CBD and MCT oil help to keep your pets calm and relaxed, no matter the situation they might find themselves in. 

There are a variety of pet CBD brands on the market, as well as different types of products. A brand we like is Zen Frenz because they offer a multitude of products and use organic ingredients, the products are non-psychoactive and are made in the US. We have developed our own routine of products to use when we want to go out for dinner with friends or drinks at a bar. We start with a half dropper of the 500 MG CBD Drops and one or two of the bacon and beef Zen Bites. Then the next thing we do has been an absolute game changer! We have a couple dog toys where they have to work to get the treat or food out of. If it’s a treat one we put another Zen Bite inside or if its one designed more for licking things out of the cracks we like to put pet CBD peanut butter on it. That way while we’re gone our pets can continue to #getzen. 

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