3 Tips To Grow Your Pets Tik Tok

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It’s probably safe to assume that by now most if not all people have come across Tik Tok in some way or another. The app started to become big months before the pandemic hit but once quarantine sunk in the apps usage really skyrocketed. Everyone was stuck at home with nothing to do except make banana bread, watch Chloe Ting workout videos on YouTube and mindlessly scroll through Tik Tok for hours on end. Once you find yourself immersed in the world of Tik Tok it can be extremely difficult to stop, the app offers literally billions of videos that cater to every group and subgroup and microgroup of people. Then once people become so hooked on Tik Tok that they can’t go a day without scrolling the app many people start to think, “Should I make a Tik Tok?” or “Maybe I could become famous on Tik Tok.” 

If you have found yourself in that boat and specifically are thinking about how your pet can get you as famous as Charlie D’Amelio then you have come to the right place. Well to be honest we don’t have any magical tips for how to become that Tik Tok famous but we have learned a couple tricks that have seemed to work for us during our rather short time on Tik Tok. 

  1. Consistency Matters

From our short time using the app, we’ve noticed that the algorithm seems to favor accounts who post fairly regularly. There seems to be a pretty direct correlation between posting more and getting more interaction on your videos. You don’t necessarily have to be posting once an hour to get some of your videos on the “For You Page,” but posting once a day or at least 3-4 times a week seems to help your account grow considerably.  

  1. Pick a Trending Sound

Another important component to your video is the sound that you pick. So far it seems that the worst thing to do would be to use only your audio, unless you get lucky and have your unique sound blow up as an audio of its own. Considering that the chances of that happening are low we instead recommend that you opt for one of the trending sounds. The current trending sounds seem to perform better on the algorithm than others. 

  1. Keep It Short

It’s no secret that while Tik Tok has something for everyone, it was originally made and continues to be geared to younger audiences, pre-teens, teens and young adults. Additionally, it is generally accepted that with each generation their attention spans continue to decrease. Putting those two together leaves us to believe there is no benefit to making an incredibly long video. The reality of the situation is that unless you really grab the viewer's attention in the first few seconds they probably are not going to watch your whole video.

  1. Keep Trying!

At the end of the day it doesn’t seem like anyone truly knows a foolproof plan to blow up on Tik Tok and the same goes for us. We have given you all of the tips that we have gathered from our experience but we are the furthest from experts on the matter. You might just have to try different things until hopefully one works!

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