How to Make Your Dog’s Halloween Less Frightful

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Here at Zen Frenz, we strive to allow all pets to live their best lives possible. We believe no pet should have to miss out on any activities either due to their anxiety or if their joints aren’t as strong as they used to be. Halloween is right around the corner and it can be difficult for some pets. Halloween can be a hectic night for humans, but for dogs it can feel even more crazy with an endless parade of kids coming to the door, scary costumes and lots of off-limit treats. Here are some tips to make your pup’s Halloween less frightful.

Mind The Door

Halloween night can mean a lot of action at your door with plenty of knocking, ringing doorbells and hyper children. If you can, keep your dog in a room away from the front door. If they can’t visually see the hordes of costumed children, they will be less likely to bark and become anxious with all the constant intrusions. If your pet is still anxious despite being in another room, then we recommend using some Zen Frenz CBD products. We recommend our Zen Drops that with just a drop or two can make your pet’s anxiety go away. 

If your dog tends to react loudly to the arrival of guests, have someone in the house waiting by the front door to greet the trick-or-treaters before they knock or ring the bell. Without the noises that your pup normally associates with visitors, they will be better able to stay calm throughout the evening.

Stomp Out the Yard

Leaving your dog out in the yard on Halloween night is not a great option for either your pup or the trick-or-treaters. Your dog’s territorial nature will kick in and they may growl or bark at every hooded goblin, masked ghost and dressed-up Harley Quinn that passes. It’s a situation that may be stressful for your pup and scary for the little ones walking by the house. For the sake of both trick-or-treaters and your pup, keep them inside and out of sight for the night.

Bar The Candy

Halloween is a night filled with treats that are dangerous for dogs to eat. Any kind of chocolate, even just a bite, can be toxic for your dog.  Many sugar-free sweets include an artificial sweetener called xylitol which is risky for them to ingest. Even potato chips have high levels of sodium, which is not good for your dog to eat. We recommend making your pet something else they can eat! Try out our CBD Peanut Butter and if you’re in the baking mood here are some delicious fall recipes to get in the holiday spirit. 

To ensure the treats stay out of your pup’s mouth, keep the snacks you are giving away to the trick-or-treaters in a bowl high enough that your dog can’t reach it. And once your kids come home with their loot, be sure that none of it can fall into your dog’s waiting mouth and is stored in an area they can’t access.


Dressing Them Up

Costumes for dogs are super-cute. Whether they’re in a simple pumpkin sweater or a full super hero outfit, seeing pups dressed up for Halloween is one of the best parts of the holiday. However, not all dogs may agree. Before Halloween night, let them try on their costume so they can start getting used to it before the big day.

The key to getting your dog to wear a Halloween costume is to make sure they are completely comfortable with it and that it doesn’t cause them any undue stress. Additionally, ensure that the outfit doesn’t restrict their breathing or include any possible choking or tripping hazards.

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