How To Take Your Pet’s Halloween Costume To The Next Level

It is finally Halloween week and here at Zen Frenz, we love holidays so we could not be more excited! Now that we are counting down the final days to Halloween we figured most people would be finishing (or starting) their Halloween costumes. And Halloween costumes do not have to be just for humans, so here are some last-minute ideas on how to take your pet’s Halloween costume to the next level!


1. Accessories Are A Mans (second) Best Friend 

A) Dog Harnesses

While you might not have considered your dog’s harness as part of their costume you should. Dog harnesses can be a great fashion statement or addition to your pet’s costume, as well as a safety tool. There are quite literally thousands of combinations of colors and styles, so there should be a perfect harness for every pet and costume! For example, if your pet is Tinkerbell consider getting a matching green leash and harness. 

B) Accessories ON Your Dogs Collar

When and if you dress up your dog it is important to consider their comfort and safety at all times, safety should always be the top priority. And it is no secret that many pets are less than thrilled about the prospect of dressing up. If your pet is squeamish about clothes, consider adding accessories to their collar instead. For example, your pet could be a Beanie Baby by attaching a red and white heart with “TY” printed/written on it to their collar. Or you could add a bowtie, pearl necklace, or nametag. 

C) Dog Shoes

These might sound a little silly and are not needed or wanted by a lot of pets but in certain situations, they can be quite helpful. Just think about how much walking you do while trick-or-treating. Additionally, My Busy Dog says, “Most people think of dogs shoes as the best dog accessory for cold weather but they’re actually very important for the trails too. They provide extra grip, they protect your dog’s feet from rocks and other sharp hazards, and they can keep your dog’s paws from becoming overheated.” For example, with dog shoes and mini binoculars around your pet’s neck, they would make the perfect hiker/outdoor adventurer. You could even add a name tag that says “Bear Grylls.”

D) Pet CBD

This might sound like a random accessory to have for Halloween but from our experience, we have found it to be very useful. You never know when your pet is going to enter a situation that makes them super nervous, but having pet CBD on hand can help mediate and minimize the stress. For on-the-go activities, such as tick-or-treating, we love bringing Zen Frenz Bacon and Beef Zen Bites. They are flavored soft chews with 4mg of CBD per chew, and the package is resealable.


2. There Is Always Photoshop 

Don’t fret if your pet’s costume turns out less than perfect, that is what the internet is for. Even if your pet refused to wear a costume or go out, that doesn’t mean that the pictures you post on Instagram or Facebook can’t look amazing. You can blur out the background, add accessories or even remove people from your photos. Even a little editing of the brightness, contrast, and highlights can bring new life to a subpar photo. 

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