Top 5 Best Halloween Movies to Watch with your Dog

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Here at Zen Frenz, we love to branch out and try new things. One thing we are getting into during the holiday season is Halloween and, in particular, scary Halloween movies. However, these movies are anything but zen, we still enjoyed them and wanted to share our favorites with you and your pup. If you’re going to be spending Halloween in a similar way, why not find a Halloween movie to watch with your dog? It’s a great way to keep your dog happy and safe this Halloween. 

Do you have a favorite Halloween dog movie? There are many excellent choices of Halloween dog films – read on to find out some of the best. 

Sit back, relax, and grab the popcorn!

1) Cujo

Release date: 1983

Cujo is one of the most iconic Halloween dog movies, and one of the scariest on this list.

Based on a Stephen King novel, Cujo is about a St Bernard dog who gets bitten by a rabid bat.

The bite turns him into a killer and he begins a vicious killing spree.

2) Scooby Doo

Release date: 2002

This is a live-action movie of the popular Scooby Doo cartoon.

It’s definitely more action-adventure than horror, but still features the members of Mystery, Inc teaming together to solve the mystery and defeat the monsters.

3) I Am Legend

Release date: 2007

I am Legend is a post-apocalyptic film starring action-hero Will Smith, and his wonderful German Shepherd called Samantha (Sam).

A deadly re-engineered measles virus originally designed to cure cancer has turned the human race into vampiric mutants called Darkseekers.

Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a scientist working on the ground, desperately trying to create a cure.He is the only human left alive in the city… or so he thinks.

Fair warning – you’ll need a good pack of tissues for this one.

4) The Hound of the Baskervilles

Release date: 2002

There are several movie versions of this Sherlock Holmes classic. I’ve chosen the 2002 BBC film starring Richard Roxburgh, Ian Hart and Richard E. Grant but unfortunately I couldn’t find a trailer video for this one.

In this story, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate an heir to a large estate’s claims that his land is being haunted by a ghostly dog.

5) The Mask

Release date: 1994

We’ve moved on from mystery to comedy for Number 5 in this list of Halloween films that feature dogs.

The Mask stars comedy genius Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss, a bank clerk who happens to find a mysterious wooden mask which he can’t resist trying on.

The mask turns him into a green-faced trickster who goes on a comical rampage throughout the city.

Stanley’s dog Milo, a Jack Russell terrier, features heavily in this film.


I hope you enjoyed this collection of the best Halloween dog movies of all time. It’s important to remember to consider your pup’s emotions and experience during the movie. Make sure to check in on them and if they get agitated by the TV we recommend using our Zen Drops or Zen Bites to help with this and any other anxiety. Happy Halloween Frenz!

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