Our Favorite Pet Costumes Over The Years

If you are new around here you may not know that we host an annual pet costume contest, better known as the Zen Costume Contest or #Zencostumecontest. We are pleased to inform you that we will be running the contest again and this year's winner will receive a $150 gift card to Zenfrenz.com! You can enter the contest anytime between now and 11:59pm PST on November 1st. To enter go to @ZenFrenz on Instagram and find our Costume Contest graphic, use #ZenCostumeContest in your post on Instagram, and tag three frenz. 

Now, if you are super serious about winning or just need some costume inspiration, here are five of our favorite entries over the years. If you want to win we suggest you pay close attention to our favorite entries from years past and why we liked each costume so much! 

1. Beetlejuice by @Longboy_Lincoln 

If you do not follow @Longboy_Lincoln on Instagram we highly suggest that you do! They are constantly blowing us away with their creativity and photography skills. While everything they do is well done, we especially loved their rendition of Beetlejuice, a Tim Burton classic. It was definitely their attention to detail that made the entry stand out. From the jacket, to the tie, to the shirt, to the turquoise hair, they really thought of everything. And having such a cute dog was just the icing on the cake!  

2. Pirate by @Sassy_Sady_

While some of the costumes on this list are more elaborate, a costume does not have to have 50 components to be well done and @Sassy_Sady_ is a prime example of that. The pirate hat fits well and the little beads and braids are a wonderful touch. We also loved the faint skulls in the background to enhance the overall look. But our favorite touch was Sady’s facial expression, she is 'smizing' and looks fierce, exactly what we would expect from a poised pirate.

3. Loki by @Bucky_the_winter_aussie

Sometimes it can be hard to convert human costumes to pets, but @bucky_the_winter_aussie did a great job bridging the gap between the human (or Asgard) world with a pet friendly costume. The costume itself is simple and brought to life by Loki’s staff and the enticing background. We especially loved the decision to have Bucky hold the iconic Loki staff in his mouth! 

4. T-Rex by @Zumicatz

Usually when we think about dinosaurs we think of giant scary prehistoric creatures, but @Zumicatz took a different approach. Zumi looks cute, cuddly, and very friendly in her full body dinosaur ensemble and we are loving it! She looks like a baby dinosaur.  

5. Ghostbusters @Melvinthepug 

One look at Melvin and his big puppy dog eyes and we know your heart is melting! Melvin decided to channel his inner Ghostbuster last year with this adorable costume. From the orange jumpsuit, to the Ghostbusters logo, and mini proton pack there was nothing more we could have asked for. We know that with this costume Melvin will be able to capture and trap all the scary ghosts this halloween!

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