How To Have A Dog-Friendly Spa Day At Home!

Spa days are always a treat for us humans, and there’s no reason why our dogs shouldn’t get to indulge in some of the same treatments. Spa days are a great way to relax and unwind, and including your pet can be super fun! Giving your dog a spa day can also show them just how much you love and care about them. Dogs also love getting all the attention that comes with pampering. Spa days could be a perfect treat after leaving them at home for work all week or after you come home from a trip, that way they know that you didn’t forget about them while you were away. If you are planning on treating your pet to a wellness day, then we have a few tips/tricks/suggestions to help make sure the day goes perfectly! 

  1. Include Exercise. Dogs love being able to move and run around. This might not sound as spa-like to you, but we promise they’ll be appreciative. Exercise could be as simple as an extra long walk, puppy playdate with a friend, or a trip to their favorite dog park. The other benefit to exercising at the beginning of your spa day is your pup hopefully won’t be as spastic for the more delicate activities. 
  2. Head Massage. Wag!.com suggests that the best follow up to exercise is a good head and shoulder massage! Specifically, they say, “After your dog has worked those muscles, give him a gentle massage. Have your dog stand and work at the top of his head down towards his neck, gently rubbing in small circles pulling his skin and muscles back away from his head….Have your dog sit or lie down and begin to work his shoulders. Using the tips of your fingers, tap into his muscles with circular motions for a soft gentle massage. Your dog's shoulders carry much of his weight and work hard. Take this massage slowly and pamper your pooch.”
  3. Bath Time. After all that exercise and playing, it’s more than likely that your pup might be a little dirty or stinky, making this the perfect point to give them a nice warm bath. To make bath time more enjoyable (for everyone involved) we recommend using a CBD infused pet shampoo. Our favorite is the Zen Frenz CBD Pet Shampoo. After 5-10 minutes of application, pets are left calm and feeling ~zen~! While it is infused with CBD, it also utilizes the calming benefits of chamomile, oatmeal, and lavender! The reviews on the website give it 5-stars and we sure know why!
  4. Trimming NailsAre you new to clipping your dog’s nails? Or have you struggled in the past? Here is a quick guide to clipping your dog’s nails, and we will let you in on our best tip. Cut a little off each nail and keep a spoon of Zen Frenz Peanut Butter or Zen Bites handy to distract your pet from what’s going on. With the two of you sitting on a flat surface, grip your dog’s paw firmly, hold the clippers in your dominant hand, and your dog’s paw in the other. Once you place the clippers where you want to cut, squeeze the trimmers in one swift motion.

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