Top Tips For Leaving Dogs Home Alone

We know how hard it is to manage all of the responsibilities of everyday life, and that becomes even harder when you add your beloved pets to the mix. As much as we would love to spend all day with our pets, being able to spend every minute with them is a bit unrealistic. For some of us, the hardest part of leaving our pets is seeing them get sad, for other owners the hardest part is dealing with chewed-up furniture and messy living rooms. Whatever the case may be, we hope that these FIVE tips make leaving your dog home alone as painless as possible!

  1. Pet CBD. Pet CBD is very beneficial for anxiety relief, joint support, and appetite support. Giving your pup this treat will not only relieve their anxious nature towards you leaving, but can be very useful in getting your furry friend into their cage. For example, you can try using Zen Drops to help reduce anxiety and simply mix them into their food. All of the Zen Frenz pet CBD products are THC free and nonpsycoactive!
  2. Peanut Butter Licking Mat. If you’ve never heard of a licking mat they are thin mats usually made of silicon with fun shapes and textures designed to keep your pets entertained. The best way to use them is to spread some peanut butter on the mat and let your dog try to lick the peanut butter out of all the crevices and surfaces. Licking mats are a great way to keep your dog preoccupied while you leave. Better yet use Zen Frenz Peanut Butter so your dog can get ~zen~ while they play with their mat. 
  3. Create A Safe Space. Just like for us humans, dogs want their own safe space. For some dogs, a crate is their safe space, for others, having the whole house is best. No matter whether your dog is in a crate or not, you will want to make sure that there are no hazards in their path—dangerous foods, electrical cords, etc.
  4. Provide A Comfortable Environment. Always leave them water and a temperature-controlled room. Whether you’re leaving your dog alone in the summer or the winter, make sure the temperature in the room is sufficient to keep them comfortable. A comfortable dog is less likely to chew up your house. Keep the heat on in the winter and the air conditioning or a fan on in the summer. Water is important for your dog no matter the time of year. If you’re going to be gone a long time and you’re worried they will drink too much and have to go to the bathroom, ask a friend or hire a pet sitter to walk them.
  5. Help Alleviate Stress. Show your dog that being home alone isn’t so bad. Work with your dog on any potential separation anxiety issues by leaving for short periods, then longer periods until she knows even though you’re leaving, you will be back. Another way to alleviate stress is by leaving some background noise on. If you leave on a television or radio, the background noise will keep your dog company and may alleviate any stress he suffers if he hears a lot of outdoor noise (dogs barking, car noise, lawn mowing, etc.). 

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