How Dogs Deal with Fireworks

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With Fourth of July coming around, dogs will be hearing fireworks after fireworks. Dogs have a stronger ability to hear than humans. The fact that fireworks are loud to us means you can only imagine how much louder it is for dogs. The loud bangs and bright flashes caused by fireworks can put dogs into a very different state of mind and cause them stress. Dogs can view the fireworks as a threat and act out of place. These are some effects that fireworks cause to dogs.


  1. Anxiety
  • Dogs can get very anxious during fireworks and days like Fourth of July. One way to calm them is buy giving them treats that contain CBD in them. Zen Frenz Bacon and Beef Zen Bites are a great treat to give to your dogs to calm them before fireworks. It is non-Psychoactive and includes Stress and Anxiety Relief. Another one of Zen Frenz product you can try if your dog is a picky eater is the CBD Oil. That also helps with Stress and Anxiety Relief as well as balanced behavior support.


  1. Stress
    • Dogs will go into a state of stress when hearing fireworks. All they know that it is loud unfamiliar noises happening repeatedly for a period. This causes them to stress over what they are doing and where they are. To calm them down, try the Zen Frenz Calming Chews! It’s a non-drowsy peanut butter and honey chew. The fireworks are unpredictable to dogs and so their stress level will rise in the result of that.


  1. Shaking and Barking
    • As dogs hear fireworks, they will tend to start shaking and even barking thinking the noise is an enemy. They will also run away and hide in a closed place like a bathroom or closet. The dogs feel trapped when hearing fireworks hence why they try to keep running away. The loud noises trigger their fight-or-flight response.


Anxiety and stress as well as shaking and barking is usually shown in dogs during fireworks and especially the night of Fourth of July. Cats can also show signs of anxiety and stress but usually not as much as dogs do. All products work for cats as well! No one wants to see their pet cry and be frightened when there is an easy solution to fix that. July 4th is coming around the corner and so make sure you purchase your Zen Frenz Products whether it’s the Bites, Chews, Oil or even the Shampoo!


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