5 Activities to do with your Dog at Home!

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During this time where people are getting back to going to their jobs and becoming very busy, it is hard to give your dog undivided attention. However, giving your dog the opportunity to express their energy everyday to you is so important! Coming home from work or a busy day running errands, you can find time to play with your dog at HOME!!!


  1. Play Fetch!
  • Most dogs love to play fetch! It gives them exercise and will get their energy out. When playing fetch, the dogs are getting your undivided attention and so they feel special and loved.


  1. Go on a walk
  • Walking your dog gives them exercise and is a healthy activity to do! Dogs like to sniff and mark new territories and so going on a walk help make them able to mark their spot. They are in a different environment where they can see new things, listen to new sounds, and smell new nature!


  1. Teach them a trick!
  • Teaching your dog tricks will benefit you and your dog! You will be able to show off to your friends the tricks you taught your dog at home. Your dog will be able to learn and reinforce his training while receiving treats. Even just praising your dog will get them excited enough to continue to learn!


  1. Play with water!
  • Most times, dogs love water and can’t get enough of it! Even though you might not have a pool at home or a nearby river or lake to go to, you can still have fun with water. Get a hose and spray your dogs and run around with them. You can also fill up water balloons and throw them at your dog (not too hard to hurt them). Even just having the sprinklers on so you and your dog can run through them will excite them!


  1. Give them peanut butter in a toy!
  • Many dogs love peanut butter and is a very special treat to them. For you this activity is easy but will keep your dog busy for a long time! You can use our Zen Frenz Peanut Butter which is an All-Natural CBD Peanut Butter that provides, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Balanced Behavior Support, and Mobility/Joint Support is a great choice to put inside a Kong toy or any other toy!


All five of these activities can be done at home! On the day-to-day basis your dog needs attention and somewhere to release their energy. Giving them even 10 mins of undivided attention will make a difference. Try these activities this week and see what you think!

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