Fun Indoor Activities for Your Dog on Hot Summer Days

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With heat waves coming across the nation, it is more important now than ever to keep your pup cool while still getting proper exercise in. Many dogs with heavy fur coats don’t have the option to run around outside as they will immediately tire due to the temperature.


Taking the time to exercise your dog is one of the most important things you can do to keep them healthy. Not only will their physical health improve, but their mental health will increase as well through learning the rules of each of the games that you play with them. Additionally, you will create a bond with your dog that will help them with their social skills with other humans and dogs.


Play Hide and Seek


This game has many options: meaning that you can choose to be the thing that your dog must seek, or you can hide treats for them to find. Not only will this get them up and moving around the house but will force them to exercise their senses. Rewarding them with zen bites  is a great option as they will naturally calm down as a reaction to the treats.


Teach Your Dog A New Trick


Taking the time to discipline your dog is necessary, but there is always something more that you can teach them. Make sure that they are familiar with the ones that they should already know and then progress on from there. Some fun ideas for tricks: high five, go to a certain place, spin, jump, or fetch certain items.


Teach Your Dog to Do Chores


This can be a cool trick that you can show off to your friends. Making your dog help you out with simple activities around the house can not only make your life easier but make your dog more obedient as well.


Teach Your Dog Manners


Patience is not only polite among humans but can show how well you trained your puppy. You can do this by holding something such as a bowl of food or a toy in front of them while they are sitting or lying down and put it behind your back if they stand up. Doing this repeatedly will teach them that they must wait to be rewarded.


Play Tug of War


This will not only cause your dog to release some aggressive energy but can teach them correct ways to use their teeth. To do this, make it clear to the dog that they are being bad when they are incorrectly using their teeth.


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