How to Improve your Pets Instagram with Travel Photos

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Here at Zen Frenz, we love all things Zen. Nature is one of our favorites and is often overlooked in our busy lives. Nature also makes for good high quality photos with natural lighting too that benefits anyones complexion. So next time you’re out and about make sure to take some pics of you and your pets. We’ve come up with a list of a few tips and tricks to get the best photos that signify a zen and natural message.

1. Research and Plan Ahead

This is a very common theme in this article, but it’s so important to be prepared. An amazing benefit of travel is that we get to see and explore places that are new and often unknown to us. This can also make something task oriented like getting a great photo with your dog stressful and challenging.

Research the place you are going to find out if there are any amazing photo spots that you don’t want to miss. If you find any must see locations that are extremely popular, try scheduling those visits for a less busy time so both you and your dog can be more focused on yourselves and on getting a few amazing photos.

2. Determine How To Physically Take Photos

One of the biggest challenges of getting photos of yourself with your dog is the actual mechanism of taking the photo.

If you are traveling with a friend or family member, then you can, of course, ask them to take a few photos of you and your dog throughout the trip.

If you don’t have a travel companion, then you can always ask a stranger. You can guide the stranger by suggesting what you’d like to see in the photo, but keep in mind that they are doing you a favor and are most likely on their way to somewhere else.

Another option when traveling alone with your dog is to try out your camera’s timer. Most phone cameras and DSLRs have them built in and many also have the option to link a remote control. Though this can take a few attempts, it’s a great option to avoid asking other tourists for help.

3. Beware of Lighting

For outdoor photographs, we can’t control how the sun shines or the clouds move, but we can be aware of them. A general rule of thumb is that you want any light to be in front of you rather than behind you. That way the light brightens your faces and allows viewers to see the details and expressions rather than a bunch of shadow.

You don’t have to look directly in the sun to make this happen, but you do want any lights shining on you rather than your back. 

4. Get Your Dog’s Attention

For posed shots, you want your dog to look at the camera as much as possible.

If you have a volunteer photographer, give them a treat to wave around and encourage them to make noises that might grab your dog attention.

If you’re on your own, you can try placing a treat or even favorite toy on top or right next to the camera. If it is something that your dog loves then they’ll be more likely to look at it with an excited expression. They even make holders for tennis balls and other fun toys that you can attach to your phone now! We recommend using some Zen Bites! They are super tasty treats that will definitely make your pup smile for the camera when they see it.

5. Get Down on Your Dog’s Level or Bring Them Up To Yours

Dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes. While some large dogs may be seen in a photograph just fine sitting or standing next to their human partner, smaller dogs may get lost.

If you have a smaller dog, kneel or sit down next to them so that your faces are closer together.

You can also pick them up and hold them close to your face, so you both can be featured beautifully in the same photograph.

6. Try Candid Shots

Posed photos are beautiful and very useful in marketing materials, but candid shots often tell a story so much better.

Whether you have a volunteer photographer or a camera with a timer, make sure to get a few photos of you with your dog doing things you’d naturally do.

It can be as simple as looking into each other’s eyes, giving them a treat or a scratch behind the ear, or even telling them how adorable they are.


In the end, having a wonderful and positive trip with your dog is worth more than a few photos. Keep that in the back of your mind no matter how the photo shoot goes.

The weather might not cooperate. There might just be too many people around to get a great photo. When done with the hike, make sure to reward your pup with either some Zen Bites or Zen Drops. Bonus: these will also help with their recovery from an intense workout!

But, at the end of it all, the memories you make together matter the most.

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