CBD For Picky Cats

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While it has become more common to see dogs on the face of pet CBD ads, that is not because the products are unsafe for cats. Pet CBD products are perfectly safe for cats and for dogs! Additionally, there are tons of cat owners who already use CBD on their cats and have loved the results. While many dog owners use CBD to help their crazy dogs stay calm, many cat owners tend to use pet CBD for anxiety. Although pet CBD is equally effective for both!! 

In case you are not overly familiar with CBD and its uses for pets here is some basic information! CBD refers to cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound from the better-known marijuana or hemp plant. CBD is a naturally occurring substance that is used in products like oils and edibles to create a feeling of relaxation for users. Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol the major active ingredient in marijuana and a close relative of CBD, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that CBD on its own can not get you high. Generally, the biggest use of pet CBD is for stress and anxiety relief. It’s no secret that our pets often get stressed and as owners/parents, it is sometimes hard to watch your pet suffer. No one wants their beloved pet to tremble and shake in fear of something. Other benefits include balanced behavior support, mobility/joint support, anti-inflammatory support, anti-itching support, and appetite stimulation.As a cat owner, there might be a few reasons why you have not used pet CBD in the past. One of the reasons being many pet CBD products are not as palatable for cats as they are for dogs. For example, many pet CBD products come in flavors such as beef, bacon, and pork, which traditionally cats have not responded as well to. While many cats will eat these flavors, many cats will refuse to try those products. If this is the case for you and your cat(s) we recommend that you try the Zen Frenz Zen Drops. We love this product for a few reasons! The product itself comes in a glass bottle and has an easy-to-use dropper. The dropper makes using the product a breeze as you can easily give your pets the proper dosage. For reference,  smaller pets usually take a half dropper and larger pets (over 25 lbs) a full one. Arguably the best feature of the Zen Drops is that they are flavorless, odorless, and clear. This is truly a game-changer for picky eaters. The product can be sprinkled onto your cat’s food or water or be taken orally directly from the dropper. Then, your cat won’t even know they are taking a pet CBD supplement. The Zen Frenz Zen Drops also come in two different strengths, which are super helpful to suit the needs of all pets. They offer both a 250 mg and 500 mg bottle. The only difference is the CBD concentration, both products are the same size and weight. If you buy the 250 mg bottle each full dropper has 8 mg of CBD, while the 250 mg bottle has 16 mg of CBD per dropper. For most cats, the 250 mg bottle is sufficient as most cats are under 25 pounds, but if you have a larger cat or need extra strength then the 500 mg bottle is a great option! 

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