What's The Best Part About Working From Home? Your Dog Being Your Coworker!

Working from has its own set of challenges, but it definitely has some serious upsides. Pjs all day every day, the shortest commute ever, and having your dog around to comfort you while you endure Zoom fatigue. But quarantining with your dog at home while you work does not have to be boring! Here are four tips on how to make working from home with your dog fun.

Grooming is Essential

This tip applies to both of you. While your colleagues can not smell you through their computer screen, you will start to smell yourself if you're not showering at least regularly. Your dog on the other hand gets to live your dream of only having to shower now and then. But, you will want to keep your dog smelling and looking good between their baths, especially because you will be smelling them quite a lot more than usual. You should brush their hair frequently especially if their breed requires frequent grooming and if they have lighter fur. I really emphasize the importance of brushing right now because many groomers are still closed and unable to take care of your dog’s grooming needs for you. You can also keep some dog wipes on hand to freshen your dog up between baths and after a fun walk outside.

Make Your Mask Fashion Forward

Hopefully, you are not leaving your house without a trusty mask to keep yourself and other people safe. And, you may as well make it fashionable by getting a mask and bandana set that will make sure you and your pooch are fashionable and courteous. Keep your eyes peeled for our mask and bandana limited collection drop soon! 

Toys and Treats are a Must

Your dog may think that when you are home you are there to play with them as you usually do, but with work transcending into your home space, you will need to find clever ways to engage your dog while getting your work done. You can give your dog a fun toy or bone to play with. I recommend engaging your dog with a fun and tasty game. You can stuff a Kong ball with CBD dog treats or freeze some peanut butter mixed with CBD oil for dogs inside for them to get to.  Instead of barking to get your attention, your dog will be busy trying to get the yummy treats and then they will hopefully be tired and get zen from the CBD. 

Stay Cozy

There is no reason to throw fashion to the curb just because you are staying home. You will just want to make your fashion comfy. You can stay comfortable in a monochromatic sweatsuit and get your pup a cute sweater vest or hoodie which can keep them warm as it gets chillier! And if you are going outside and live somewhere colder, you will both already be dressed for the occasion. Walking really is an event these days so you have to get dressed in your best (quarantine fit)!

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