Food Ingredients to Avoid Feeding Your Pup

There are so many choices for dog food out there that it can be quite the headache finding a good one. But you will want to read ingredient lists to ensure your dog stays healthy and alive. Usually the more problematic ingredients are found in dog food fillers. Fillers have protein filler or added to enhance the texture or density of the food. But, these fillers are often added to meet certain protein requirements which is why its nutritional value is not put first. These ingredients even have the potential to trigger allergies in you pup. Here are four ingredients you should be sure to avoid.


BHAs are a chemical preservative. These are used to preserve oils and fats and are commonly found in dog food. It has been identified as a carcinogen by the CDC. This means bad news for animals’ kidneys and liver. Some countries are ahead of the curve and banned this ingredient but the United States still allows this to be in dog food in small quantities. While the small amount won’t do anything to your dog in one day, since they will be presumably eating the food everyday, it can add up and negatively affect your dog’s health. 

White Flour

If you are a health nut yourself, you may avoid eating too much white flour. You will want to do the same for your dog since this bleached flour has basically no nutrition value and simply acts as a filler and binder. White flour can result in blood sugar spikes with steep drop offs which is fine for humans but problematic for your dog. Continued consumption can even lead to obesity since while white flour can be filling, its little nutrition value does not allow for your dog to feel full for a long period of time. With obesity being one of the most prevalent pet problems, it’s important to control your pet’s weight to prevent weight related issues such as diabetes.

Unspecified Meal or “Meat Meal”

Mystery meat is not something you want on your lunch menu nor your dog’s bag of kibble or treats. These low quality meats are free of control and regulation or at least limited in that regard. This may mean the meat meal includes expired and diseased meat, dead animals from shelters and feedlots, fatty tissues, and waste from restaurants. Just try to find food where the type of meat meal is listed since this will give you peace of mind that your dog is at least getting good food despite the meat meal not adding a good source of protein.

Corn Syrup

There is no question that corn syrup is not the healthiest ingredient on a list. It is often used as a concentrated sweetener in human and pet food since it is so dang cheap for companies to use to add flavor to their products. Corn syrup can also cause blood level spikes similar to those seen by consumption of white flour. Do not forget these spikes can lead to obesity and diabetes over time.

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