What Should You Name Your Dog?

I think before we get into the naming tips, there are congratulations in order. Congrats on getting a new dog (at least I’m assuming you are looking for a name for your new fluffer)! You’ve picked the perfect companion, and now it’s time to pick the perfect name.

Top Tips for Naming Your Dog

  • Pick a name that you like the sound of and enjoy saying since you will be saying it pretty frequently, especially in the beginning.
  • Pick a name that is only one or two syllables since this will be easier for your dog to learn and easier for you to say
  • Try out the name for a few days, see how your dog responds, and figure out if it feels like a good fit
  • Don’t give your dog a name that sounds similar to a command
  • Do NOT name your dog after a racial or cultural slur and stray away from naming your dog after funny insults such as Poopyhead. Imagine the vet calling out for Poopyhead’s appointment. Ya, you don’t want that. 
  • If you adopt an adult dog, try to avoid changing their name, but if you really want to, try picking a similar sounding name.
  • Try avoiding popular dog names. This is so that when you go to the park or the vets there are bound to be other dogs with the same name which can be confusing for them and for you. What names are popular changes, so just do some research before ruling out and avoiding certain names. 
  • Avoid naming your dog after a family member or friend, but if you really want to, make sure you check if that’s okay with your family member or friend

Dog Name Ideas

  • If you adopt more than one dog at once or over time, you can give them duo or even trio names such as Nemo and Dory. 
  • You can name them after a physical appearance. If your dog has a star like patch of fur, you could name them Star or perhaps Bolt after a lightning bolt looking patch of fur. 
  • You can name your dog after a personality characteristic such as if they are super Happy or if they are very Zen.
  • You can name your dog after a certain place or thing. Maybe you can give them a seasonal name based on the season you got them. You could name them after the place you first found them or the first thing they ruined in your home.
  • You could name your dog after a famous historical figure or celebrity. I have a friend whose dog is named Wolfie which is short for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
  • You could name your dog after something you enjoy. Maybe you really like the Greenbay Packers, and you name your new football watching buddy, Packer. You could name your dog after your favorite drink such as Dewy for Mountain Dew or Merlot if you have a more refined drink pallet.

No matter what you name your dog, make sure it’s one you like and one your dog responds to. It’s alright if it’s as unusual as Stilton, after your favorite cheese, or as conventional as Bella which happens to be your niece’s name as well. Your dog doesn't know the difference anyways!

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