Making Your Dog Into a Roommate

Getting a dog is great, but has its complication which is especially true when you aren’t in a space of your own. If you are getting a dog and are living with or are going to be living with roommates, it’s important to consider to what extent your roommate will accept and appreciate having a furry friend around. They don't have to be a crazy dog person for this to work but you do need to think about if they will be able to peacefully and happily coexist, so here are 10 tips to ensure that happens.

1. Don’t get a dog or bring a dog without permission

Talk to your roommates before surprising them with your dog on move-in day. You want to make sure they aren’t allergic and if they are okay with having a  dog around. If they aren’t, you need to find a new living situation. 

2. Set some safety guidelines to keep your pup safe

You will want to make sure your roommates are aware of things they need to be aware of when there is a dog around such as keeping chocolate and other dog-toxic foods out of their reach and being aware when answering the door that there's a dog that could make a naughty run for it. 

3. Take care of your own dog 

Do NOT expect your roommates to take care of your dog. It’s your dog and you will need to take on the responsibility. This also means cleaning up common spaces if your dog leaves his toys around or sheds frequently.

4. Share your dog’s pawsomeness!

If your roommate has had a bad day, let your dog comfort them a little instead of hogging their cuddles for yourself. If your friend wants to take your dog on a walk, let them and it’s a little less work for you that day!

5. Pay for your puppy’s actions

If your pup messes up a shared item or one of your roommates’ personal belongings, it is your job to get it fixed or replaced, even if you weren’t there to see it happen.

6. Make sure your pup and roommate are getting along

It’s important that your pup and roommate get along especially because you don’t want them annoying each other cause then you’ll have an annoyed person and dog as roommates; not fun! If there are ever stressful situations, you can try giving your dog CBD oil for dogs to calm them down.

7. Clean up the shit

If you have a yard and even around wherever you walk your dog, you need to make sure your dog’s poop gets picked up by you. No one wants to step in poop!

8. A pet-friendly dog is also a must

If your roommate is also bringing a dog or a cat or any animal, you will want to ensure your dog is pet-friendly or get them trained to be good around other animals.

9. Make it known that you appreciate any help your roommate gives you

If your roommate lends a helping hand when you are in a time crunch or are feeling under the weather, make sure you appreciate their help with verbal thanks, helping them out with something, and even getting them something small like chocolate to really show them you appreciate the help!

10. Include your pup in bonding sessions

It’s fun when your dog is included in hangouts with you and your roommates because well he or she is practically another roommate. You can have movie nights, go on hikes, or anything else that dogs can tag along to.

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