Tips To Turn Your Dog Into Your Lifelong Hiking Buddy

You might be like me and hiking might be one of your favorite activities. So, it makes sense that you would want to have your dog join you rather than leaving him all alone at home! Hopefully you’ve picked out a dog breed that will be able to keep up with activities that you like, in this case hiking. But, nevertheless, these tips can help you turn your couch potato dog into a slightly adventures dog and mainly give you some tips on what you should bring and keep in mind when taking your dog out on the trail with you. You can find an amazing hiking buddy by preparing what you need to bring and learning what you should and should not be doing before and during your hike.

Things you should bring on a hike with your dog:

  • Doggie bags to pick up anything your dog leaves behind that you wouldn’t want to step in (aka poo)
  • Water and a container for the water to go into
  • Food and some tasty treats (you could take some CBD dog treats to give your dog after the hike to help with any inflammation or pain)
  • A collar with an ID tag
  • A quality leash and harness if necessary so that your dog doesn’t leave you in the dust
  • First aid kit, for your dog and for yourself (including a snake bite kit if needed in your hiking area)
  • A towel so that you don’t end up with seats that reek of sweaty, and possibly muddy, wet, and dusty, dog
  • Pad protective booties for if you are hiking through rocky/rough terrain, snow, ice, cacti or nettles
  • Doggie backpack, if your dog can handle this and you are really trekking

Things to do and not do before you go:

  • You will want to train your dog to go on hikes by starting with shorter hikes
  • If you plan on having your dog hike in more difficult terrain, you will want to practice hiking with your dog in those terrains
  • If you plan on having your dog carry a pack, have them practice carry them when you are on shorter hikes
  • Don’t feed your dog a large meal before you go on your hike and supplement by feeding him the rest of the meal in smaller portions as you go on
  • Check to make sure your dog is vaccinated with up-to-date vaccine requirements, has pet and flea preventatives, and microchipped in case you get separated

Things to do and not do during the hike:

  • Keep your dog on a leash unless you are certain your dog can walk off leash
  • Stay away from any wild animals and poison ivy
  • Allow time for rest, water breaks, and food breaks all preferably in the shade
  • Avoid hiking when it is really hot or really cold
  • Keep a reasonable pace that is appropriate for your dog
  • If you can, hike where there is shade and water so that your dog can cool of their pads
  • Avoid places where hunting is permitted

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