Best City Dogs for the Apartment Lifestyle

Just because you’ve chosen the apartment lifestyle (or your life has chosen the apartment lifestyle for you) there is no reason you can’t enjoy having the company of a furry best friend. While getting a husky or german shepherd would be cruel to your dog since you don’t probably don’t have quite enough space for them, a smaller breed would be more than happy to live the city life alongside you!

What makes an apartment-friendly dog, apartment friendly? Well first, they are usually smaller in size which is helpful if you're in the equivalent of a tiny New York apartment. Small dogs typically are also lower in energy, making them more laid back companions. And, if you ever need to calm your small pup down, you can give them CBD oil for dogs or CBD dog treats to help quiet them down and feel more comfortable. They also tend to shed less because even if they aren’t hypoallergenic, they aren’t large enough to produce a lot of hair. Let’s go through 7 great options for apartment-friendly dogs, and of course, there are many more!

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are hypoallergenic so your couches and floors are definitely thanking you. These are super friendly dogs that are quick to learn, so if a room in the apartment is off limits that will learn pretty quick. And it’s not like they need every room to themselves anyways since they are only around15 pounds!

2. French Bulldog

This 18th century Paris chic dog is making a comeback among metropolitan millennials. All they need a quick, brisk walk around a few blocks to keep them in good shape and happy. What makes them better? They barely bark, breaking the little dog yipper stereotype. 

3. Pug

Pugs are basically synonymous with couch potatoes so if you want a pup to just chill and binge watch Netflix with you at home, you’ve found your soulmate. But, you have to keep two things in mind, they can’t live in extremely high temperatures, and you should be light-handed with the treats because their love to sit and chill does not pair will with eating a lot since this can lead to obesity.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs look like they are fit for royalty, but they don’t need a castle. In fact, a studio apartment is good for them since they are only around 13 to 18 pounds. All they need is a walk around the block or through the park and a cozy place to lay down after.

5. Shih Tzu

These dogs were literally bred to live inside. Except they were bred to live inside Chinese palaces, and I’m assuming your place may not exactly be a palace. But nevertheless, they are great for indoor spaces and a bonus is that they get along great with kids and dogs.

6. Boston Terrier

This small breed is eager to please and lively while also being a fun size. They also are short haired which is great if you don’t want to become best friends with your dog’s groomer. 

7. Maltese

These pups hail from the mediterranean and are hypoallergenic while also normally being under 7 pounds. While they are playful, they don't need too much playtime to be happy and healthy. 

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